Houston Sports: 3 reasons why Illusion Basketball Training breaks barriers

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Reason #1: The Purpose

BP:  What motivated you to establish the Basketball Training Institute?

JH:  When we started in 2011, our mission was to help student-athletes use basketball as a tool to obtain an education.  The mission hasn’t changed.  The motivation is still rooted in wanting to help quality student-athletes that are overlooked year after year.

They can play at the college level but don’t have the road map to make it a reality.  It’s a big goal, but for any student-athlete that’s willing to put forth the work and effort, we want to be the platform from which they leap and soar.

There are too many solid players out there that find themselves back home and not on a college roster.  Not due to lack of desire or ability, but because they don’t have an appropriate game plan and course of action.  Helping overlooked student-athletes motivated me to start the Institute in 2011, and it still motivates my team and I today.

BP:  How should a student feel after completing courses at Illusion Institute Basketball Training?

JH:  A student should feel clear.  Many times, a student-athlete feels overwhelmed with pressures.  Their most inner circle of influence have expectations.  Their friends and associates have expectations.  Their coaches have expectations.

On top of that, they have their expectations and standards.  All of this leads to pressure.  While sometimes this pressure is a good thing, sometimes it isn’t.  This pressure, more times than it should, causes the student-athlete to be confused in regards to what to do next to reach such expectations, and in the worse cases, the player shuts down.

Our online courses are designed to provide student-athletes with clarity amid an ever-growing fog of expectations.  Upon completion, they will not only know their why, but they will also have a blue sky view of what it takes to make the most of that why, and how to satisfy that why.