Houston Texans: Will Fuller’s return to gridiron from injury is on the horizon

Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller has been rehabbing from a hamstring injury he suffered two weeks ago and is trending to return. When?

The Houston Texans will now get an opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved bye week after destroying the Jacksonville Jaguars 26-3 in London at Wembley Stadium.  This game proved to show that this team is growing in front of our eyes and despite weaknesses that prevalent in different areas of the roster, they’re still primed to capture the AFC South for the 4th time in the last five seasons.

It’s all on the broad shoulders of quarterback Deshaun Watson, who continues to find ways to help this team win in spite of the challenges that he faces with each snap of the ball that he takes. It’s quite refreshing to have a quarterback that’s willing to take charge and put such a large responsibility of winning games on his shoulders.

But if you’ve watched Watson throughout his career, this isn’t anything new, it’s part of his DNA and he refuses to be outdueled by the competition.  This division is open for grabs and I honestly do think the Houston Texans will be the last team standing when the dust settles because of their resilience despite the challenges.

With a 6-3 record going into the bye week, the Houston Texans are obviously doing something right and we can only hope that they’ll continue their incredible pace of not only matching last season’s 11-5 mark but possibly surpassing it if they run most of the table the rest of the way.

There’s still a lot of football left so I won’t get ahead of myself but it’s important that to keep an eye on that.

But speaking of all the good, Watson will likely be getting one of his top weapons on offense to help the Houston Texans continue their trend with the return of Will Fuller from a hamstring injury.

Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports that he’s made “steady” progress while rehabilitating and that he’s on track to return after the bye week against the Baltimore Ravens Nov. 17.

With the Ravens’ strong start to the season with Lamar Jackson deep in his feels as the guy making it happen under center, the Houston Texans are going to need every weapon they can to try to beat them.  Since the departure of Joe Flacco, that team looks rejuvenated and they have a light in their eyes that has been tough to extinguish.

It’ll be up to the Houston Texans do so and a great start would be having one of the fastest guys

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on this team lined up opposite DeAndre Hopkins once again.

Yes, he hasn’t played a full season since being drafted out of Notre Dame in 2015 but when he’s on, this makes this offense damn near unstoppable.  For a guy who tore his ACL just last season, it’s amazing the kind of dedication he has to his craft and his desire to go out there and be the best.

He’s not meek by any means because rehabbing from injury can take a toll on you — just ask Andrew Luck — and Fuller is outwardly committed to being the guy that the Houston Texans hoped that he’d be while being typecast front and center.

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Let’s hope for no setbacks — go Houston Texans!

Fuller has caught 34 balls for 450 yards — 13.2 yards per catch — along with three touchdowns off 49 targets through seven games this season.