Houston Astros: Brad Peacock should start Game 6 followed by bullpen

Houston Astros pitcher Brad Peacock (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Houston Astros pitcher Brad Peacock (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Houston Astros pitcher Brad Peacock should get the start against the Yankees in Game 6 followed by the bullpen. Why is that the case? Let’s look.

Houston Astros fans — the unthinkable happened last night in Game 5.  Our team’s efforts to climb out of a 4-1 early hole in the game were futile, even as plays were made to turn the tide.  The team had a chance to eliminate the New York Yankees on their home field last night and although that storyline would be accentuated as too good to be true, it definitely a scenario that was plausible.

Things were promising at the start with George Springer being able to score off a wild pitch by James Paxton at the top of the first inning but it was DJ LeMahieu‘s homer off Justin Verlander at the bottom of it where they put up a showing that did not relent the rest of the way.

Aaron Hicks went on to homer off Verlander eventually thereafter in the game being able to bring Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres — who had gotten on base — putting them up 4-1 for good.

We can at least say that the Houston Astros stopped the bleeding but they weren’t able to engineer the appropriate response to the Yankees’ smack in their mouth early in the game.

After that slight mishap by Verlander early in the game, he went on to retire the next 17 out of 18 batters — Didi Gregorius was the only guy that got a hit off him — before finishing with nine strikeouts, the four earned runs, five hits and no walks through 7.0 innings pitched.

I know he’s kicking himself about it but as the greats do, he was able to recover, stop the bleeding and keep the Houston Astros in position to try to overcome their deficit.  Although it didn’t happen, this team will have another chance to get it done back home at Minute Maid Park tonight.

With the Houston Astros gone through most of their aces — Gerrit Cole still is on rest — this will be a bullpen game for both the Yankees and the Astros which means there will be a starter out of the bullpen for this game.

Who should it be?

As I talked about earlier this week, the man that should do is Brad Peacock.  I had proposed he be the starter in Game 4 had things gone on schedule without the postponement of that game and I think he’s the perfect guy to start tonight.


Batters have hit only .227 this season against Peacock — .179 for righties, .279 for lefties — and he’s had great success with the Yankees.

In fact, his best start of the season came against them earlier this season back June 21 where he had 11 punch-outs and two earned runs in 6.0 innings of work.

His sinker and slider will do justice against this Yankees’ lineup and it’s definitely going to be a valuable weapon in the early goings.

Plus, Yankees’ batters have a .636 OPS against his arm so the chances of a batter getting on base

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diminishes when he’s on the bump.

Peacock made his first appearance of the postseason last night in relief for Verlander and he kept the game vastly under control, going through the heavy-hitters of their lineup, retiring batters left and right through eight pitches of which seven were strikes.  He did get one strikeout in 1.0 inning of work.

Since his workload was little last night, I think it’d be appropriate to go on and start him at least for the first two innings and if he’s feeling good, having him go up to three.

He’s been battling a shoulder injury since the second half of the season but it looks like he’s good to go with plenty of rest and treatment.  That’s why he’s on the ALCS roster and I think he could play a tremendous role in helping this team way but setting the tone for this team out of the gate.

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Will AJ Hinch decide to go with Peacock?

We’ll be finding out shortly but as I’ve said early in the week, he’s the best man for the job.

Let’s get this win tonight — go Houston Astros!