Houston Texans: It would not be prudent to cut Aaron Colvin at this time

Houston Texans cornerback Aaron Colvin (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Houston Texans cornerback Aaron Colvin (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans cornerback Aaron Colvin struggled mightily against the New Orleans Saints but despite that, it would not be prudent to cut him. Why?

The Houston Texans fell to the New Orleans Saints last night on the road in such a heartbreaking fashion, it’s tough to talk about it through and through.  When they were so close to beating a Super Bowl contender that they could taste it, it leaves a bittersweet taste in all of our mouths.

The final two minutes of that game were some gut-wrenching, severe heart-pumping excitement and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Just when you think this team is down and out, Deshaun Watson steps in with his heroics and saves the day for the Houston Texans.

It was an amazing drive that was capped off with just two long plays in just 13 seconds of action.  Watson first went to DeAndre Hopkins deep to the left for a 38-yard pickup and the final 37 yards were credited to Kenny Stills — who caught his first touchdown as a member of the Houston Texans — which allowed the team to take a 28-27 lead.

But Drew Brees rose to occasion after Romeo Crennel apparently thought they were going for a touchdown instead of field goal and defense back off from pressuring him  He grabbed the two first downs that he needed to get Will Lutz in field goal range and the latter was able to nail from 58-yards out, the longest of his career.

It’s disheartening to see Watson on the sidelines look forlorn after giving it his all to keep the team in the game but to have it all squandered by a likely misjudgment of a play call.

But this team will live to fight another day and they’ve got to start looking ahead to prepare for next week.

However, I’d like to highlight that cornerback Aaron Colvin was unbelievably bad in this game, it was like his head wasn’t in it and he looked out of sorts.

Time and again, it seemed that he had trouble with situational awareness, whether they were in a zone or in man-to-man to coverage and seemed to be playing yards off the ball.  The entire secondary was playing that way for that matter but Colvin did not minimize those faults.

He gave up two touchdowns — one to Taysom Hill, who was in off a trick play that he obviously got duped on — and the other to Tre’Quan Smith.  He wasn’t even close to his assignments in both cases and I wonder if there was a miscommunication on what his role should’ve been out on the field.

They’ll get that hashed out in practice this week and let’s hope Colvin comes back and redeems himself.

But to address a particular concern I had noticed when scanning through social media last night

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where the majority of Houston Texans‘ nation wanted Colvin cut, I have to speak freely and say that wouldn’t be a prudent decision.

Although it seems as if Colvin’s four-year, $34 million deal seems like a massive overpayment at this time, the majority of his guaranteed money is tied to this season specifically.  Although Colvin will earn $7.5M in base salary this season, his dead cap number is $10.5M so they will not be releasing Colvin after just one bad game.

If they were to cut Colvin, it’d be after this season to where his dead cap number tumbles to just $2M for each of the final two years of his contract.  If he continues to play as poorly as he did through the season, you better believe that will happen.

Colvin is still young and has the potential to improve but I think he just needs to get in the film room, ask questions about what went wrong and adjust from there.

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I have faith that he can turn things around but with all of the campaigning he made last season to have a more defined role and then he finally gets more playing time, he certainly did not make the best of impressions to keep his job.

But we’ll certainly have to keep an eye on how this pans out.

Let’s look forward to next week — go Houston Texans!

Colvin, 27, had five combined tackles — one assisted — against the Saints last night.