Houston Texans: Roderick Johnson has earned the starting left tackle job

Houston Texans offensive lineman Roderick Johnson (Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Houston Texans offensive lineman Roderick Johnson (Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

Houston Texans left tackle Roderick Johnson turned in yet another solid performance against the Cowboys Saturday. He has earned the starting job at LT. Why?

The Houston Texans would love to put this past Saturday’s performance out on the gridiron far in their rear view mirror after the 34-0 shellacking that took place.  It was a game mired in bumbled plays, lackluster effort and it seemed as if these guys weren’t prepared to take on the Dallas Cowboys.

Although it’s the preseason, the Houston Texans could’ve turned in a better performance than that because the fact that they weren’t even able to score a touchdown is beyond unacceptable.  Are Cowboys that good or did the Houston Texans give a damn?

That’s a question that’s open for debate — but I would say it’s fair to assess that with the injuries that occurred to Lamar Miller and Zach Fulton, the team wanted to play it safe by pulling their stars out of the game early.

Deshaun Watson go some considerable time Saturday but shortly after Fulton went down, he was pulled from the game quickly and then Joe Webb took the reins for the rest of the first half.  That was a smart move considering how unlucky the Houston Texans were with the injury bug in the early goings that night.

But despite the negativity of such a bad game that the Houston Texans played, there was a bright spot.

Left tackle Roderick Johnson got the start once again and he performed solidly in the minute of snaps that he took.  Johnson looks like he’s ready to take over the job at this position and he wants it so bad that he could taste it.

Considering that the offensive line didn’t perform all that well as a whole, Johnson stood out like a sore thumb but in such a positive way.

Pro Football Focus gave Johnson a highly-satisfactory 75.1 pass block, along with an 65.2 offensive and 58.4 run block grade through 12 snaps that he took at left tackle.  He didn’t allow

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a pressure on his side while he was out there.

These numbers indicate that Johnson submitted another solid performance at the position and he’s making strides to be the starter for the Houston Texans.

I’m all about guys earning their keep and just because Matt Kalil is a veteran and was good at some point, he shouldn’t be given the position.  There shouldn’t be an inheritance with anything in the NFL.

I honestly couldn’t be more proud of the former fifth-round pick that has bounced around a bit in the league.  He had been on the team’s practice squad but it certainly looks like he won’t be going there this season.  With as well as he has been playing, he may have found a home with the Houston Texans.

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Let’s continue to hope for the best but I think the mystery at left tackle has been solved.

Keep up Roderick — go Houston Texans!

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