Houston Texans: NFL.com feels Deshaun Watson should get more love

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and DE J.J. Watt (Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and DE J.J. Watt (Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is back for his third season and NFL.com feels he should be getting more love. Why is that the case? Let’s look.

The Houston Texans will be partaking in their third preseason game tonight against the Dallas Cowboys up at Jerrah’s World in what will actually be a somewhat interesting game to watch.

Out of all of the preseason games, this is the one where the starters will get most of the reps so we’ll be able to see the fluidity of the offense, my most important concern and how it responds to the Cowboys’ stout defense.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see the starters for all of the first quarter so that means we’ll have just a tight window to where we’ll be able to see our favorites do work out on the gridiron before they’re shut down from view until the start of the season next month.

This Houston Texans team has a lot of potentials and it’s expected for them to try to excel from what was an amazing turnaround of a 2018 season, finishing out 11-5.  Climbing mightily out of an 0-3 hole is not an easy feat in the NFL, no matter who you’re up against and the Houston Texans should still be lauded for that effort.

But with the Houston Texans facing a lot of dominant quarterbacks in this schedule, it’s going to be tougher for them to complete such a feat but I still have them winning about nine games which could be enough to get them yet another postseason berth, their potential third in the five seasons Bill O’Brien has been at the helm.

But making the playoffs is not enough, they’ll have to win a playoff series and beyond to ensure this season is a success.  They have the guys to do it with but it’s a matter of if the talent assembled can achieve that goal.

One thing’s for sure, the quarterback position is a lock to be dominant for years to come since Deshaun Watson‘s arrival two seasons ago.  He’ll be the motor to this Houston Texans and will go as he does out on the field.  His presence will energize those around him and will help this team win games even more.

It’s so much to an extent that NFL.com recently wrote about Watson and felt that he should get “more love” for his efforts.

Ali Bhanpuri, a deputy editor for NFL.com, recently regraded all of the first-round picks for 2017 and his remarks about Watson were full of flattery but critical of the same things that we see he could improve on out on the field.

Bhanpuri gave Watson an A-grade — which is right on target — and criticized him for holding onto the ball too long — as we all do — but then said this:

"“[Holding onto the ball too long is] small potatoes in the grand scheme of all the good he brings to the table. I really don’t understand why he doesn’t get more love.”"

He’s certainly right about that — Watson has made Houston Texans football fun to watch again

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and it’s not like watching paint dry until DeAndre Hopkins goes out and does something great.

The problem was that before the offensive makeover, when Hop was the team’s only gun, he’d get double — sometimes triple-teamed — limiting his effectiveness.

But with guys like Watson, Will Fuller and Keke Coutee onboard, this opens up too many options where this team can hurt you big time.  Let’s just hope Coutee can stay healthy as he did perform well in the Wild Card game this past January, his last appearance in a regular-season game.

Watson is the catalyst to the future success of this franchise and we should all thank our lucky stars — in this case, the Cleveland Browns and Rick Smith — for being able to get a guy that’s so blessed with God-given talent.

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I will continue to root for his success with every snap that he takes — go Houston Texans!

Watson passed for 4,165 yards while throwing 26 touchdowns to nine interceptions for a 68.3 percent completion rate back through all 16 starts back in 2018.  He also rushed for 551 yards and five touchdowns as well.