Houston Astros: The latest on Ryan Pressly’s recovery from surgery

Houston Astros pitcher Ryan Pressly (Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Houston Astros pitcher Ryan Pressly (Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

Houston Astros pitcher Ryan Pressly will be on the shelf for a bit as he recently underwent knee surgery. What’s going on? Let’s examine the latest.

Houston Astros fans — Player’s Weekend is upon us and I really like that the MLB has set aside time during the season to allow players to express themselves they that they’d like — and within reason — while undertaking the game that they love.

With this type of weekend comes those special jerseys and whatever name that they’ve decided to put on the back of their jerseys.  Last season was bright orange and blue and this season is all-white which looks sweet on our favorite players during this series against the Los Angeles Angels.

We’ve seen A-Breg, Stromy and my personal favorite, La Pina which would identify with third baseman Alex Bregman, pitching coach Brent Strom and first baseman Yuli Gurriel.

I think it’s a fun way for players to connect with the fans as both parties obviously share an interest at what is categorized as America’s pastime. Regardless, it’s terrific accentuation to what would typically be a late-season series against a division rival that’s not going to make the postseason.

But as my mind wanders, I think about how stout the bullpen will be once Ryan Pressly returns back to the bump.  I knew something wasn’t just quite right with him during his starts and the Houston Astros were strategically careful to stay on message to not letting on as to how hurt this man was.

They obviously thought — as well as Pressly — that it was something that could heal and he could pitch through but with the team deciding that he have arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, which has plagued him a bit this season and this confirms why things seemed at such a downturn for a budding pitcher of his stature.

Pressly just had the surgery yesterday morning and the team expects him to return within the

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next four to six weeks, in just enough time to get ready for the postseason.

General manager Jeff Luhnow told Chandler Rome of the Houston Chronicle that his absence will be a “blow” to the team but he remains optimistic in his recovery to be a healthy contributor when he returns.

The Houston Astros picked up what they categorize as a “small issue” in his knee in a recent MRI but they didn’t elaborate on what it was.  Luhnow did confirm that there was not a fracture within the knee itself.

I can’t stress enough of how much the Houston Astros need him, especially in high-pressure situations where he comes out as cool as a cucumber.  But this team will prevail and he’ll likely be ready when they need him the most, during the postseason.

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Here’s to a great recovery for Pressly — go Houston Astros!

Pressly has posted a 2.50 ERA along with 65 strikeouts to 14 earned runs in addition to a terrific 2.84 FIP and 0.934 WHIP through 50.1 innings pitched in 51 games this season.