Houston Astros: A bid of farewell for the departing Tyler White

Former Houston Astros DH Tyler White (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Former Houston Astros DH Tyler White (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Less than a week removed from being designated for assignment, former Houston Astros DH Tyler White is swimming away to other waters further out west.

Houston Astros fans — despite giving it his all throughout the 2019 season so far, Tyler White has just not been able to find his stride with the Houston Astros. So much so, that the team designated him for assignment last week. The writing was certainly on the wall for him and no one was really sure what would happen to him.

That is, until now.

MLB Trade Rumors confirmed just yesterday that the beloved shark will be migrating his way to the Pacific coast in the form of an acquisition by the Los Angeles Dodgers. In return, the Houston Astros are getting back a top pitching prospect in a right-handed pitcher, Andre Scrubb. This is a trade I like that is mutually beneficial for both teams.

First, the Houston Astros increase their pitching depth with this move. Scrubb has a promising 2.37 ERA so far this season in the AA Tulsa affiliate for the Dodgers. He’s averaging over 10 strikeouts per nine innings, only four walks in the same frame, and a ground ball ratio of more than 50 percent. It may not be enough to put him in the rotation but the 24-year-old may see some time in the pen before too long.

Secondly, look what the Dodgers are getting. Personally, they’re getting someone with a very promising future in White. Yes, he has had some struggles in the batter box this season; but nevertheless, he has also had his moments of really helping and coming through while other infielders like Carlos Correa and Aledmys Diaz were dealing with injuries.

Thankfully, rather than sending him to a non-contending team, the Houston Astros did White the

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biggest favor in the world by trading him to arguably the best team in the National League aside from the Atlanta Braves. Ironically, both teams are the only ones in the NL with 60 or more wins to date.

Chris Taylor is also currently out with an injury, so White may seem some action quicker than we realize to fill this void for L.A. Regardless, it will be good to see our Great White get some swimming room since the Houston Astros depth was getting a bit jammed. A welcomed jam nonetheless but still no room for any error.

Quite frankly, it is good for a team like the Houston Astros to have this kind of depth where even good players like White can be used as a bargaining chip. And yes, in light of his struggles this season, White is still a tremendous talent with a lot of promise. Even at age 28, the shark is still going places and warming hearts in the process.

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I join my other colleagues here at House of Houston in wishing nothing but the very best for Tyler White. Who knows, perhaps we will see him in a World Series rematch come October?

Never say never, after all.