Houston Texans: Team seems to be holding out for Nick Caserio as GM

New England Patriots GM Nick Caserio, who was being pursued by the Houston Texans (Photo by: 2017 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images)
New England Patriots GM Nick Caserio, who was being pursued by the Houston Texans (Photo by: 2017 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans have yet to make a hire for a new general manager and it appears they’re going to hold out for Nick Caserio. What’s going on?

The Houston Texans are just about the start training camp in a couple of weeks and there hasn’t yet been the announcement of a new general manager that will prance the hallways of the team’s offices at NRG Stadium.

It doesn’t appear that the team seems to be in a rush to insert someone into the position and that they are apparently going to operate without one in place for the time being.

NFL.com’s Tom Pelissero is reporting that the team is proceeding with the exact notion that I just mentioned and they’re willing to wait for the right guy to come along.

The crazy thing is, the Houston Texans know who they want but they just can’t get him.

Yes, I’m talking about New England Patriots’ general manager Nick Caserio, to which the team had targeted as a replacement for Brian Gaine, who was fired June 7.

They had interviewed experienced front office personnel in Martin Mayhew and Ray Farmer but those guys apparently weren’t what they were looking for in a candidate.

Caserio became the object of the Houston Texans — especially Bill O’Brien‘s — affection and they pursuit for his services ensued.

But there’s just one catch. 

Caserio is under contract with the Pats until 2020 so the only way they could pry him would be via trade.

Jeremy Bergman of Around The NFL says that the price of the draft compensation has been too high for the Houston Texans and that they’re willing to “wait it out” with their hopes pinned on the Pats’ price lowering for his services.

Caserio reportedly wants out of New England but the Pats are playing hardball, dropping down

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tampering charges — aimed toward new vice president of team development Jack Easterby, a former Patriot himself — which caused the Houston Texans to drop their pursuit.

However, I’m positive that it’s still something the Houston Texans want to get done but whether or not it will be this season or next offseason remains to be the question.

Until then, the O’Brien and Easterby will handle the lion’s share of the duties while senior vice president of football administration Chris Olsen — who has been named interim GM — will provide the third leg of a tripod, balancing out the team’s temporary power structure.

I’d personally give up a third-round pick to have Caserio here and would even go as high as a second to do so.  He’s a talented front office guy and I think his skills leap well beyond just being encapsulated in the enclave that is Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

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I’m hoping for more developments within this story but it’s quite possible that this team won’t have a GM in 2019.

Let’s keep our eyes peeled!

Time to get something done — go Houston Texans!