Houston Texans: An important date for Jadeveon Clowney is now upon us

Houston Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Houston Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney has until 3 p.m. CDT today to agree to a deal or he’ll play on the franchise tag for 2019. What’s likely? Look.

Houston Texans fans — the day of reckoning is upon us.  With all the happenings of this offseason so far, one of the most pivotal moments will be something that we will allow witness today.

There’s a decision that will have to made and it appears that we all know where this will be headed for 2019.

Just in case you’ve been under a rock as of late, Jadeveon Clowney still hasn’t been signed to a long-term deal yet and it appears that neither the Houston Texans nor Clowney’s camp has come close to a deal that’s a win-win for both sides of the table.

Who knows? This could’ve been one of the factors as to why Brian Gaine was let go back June 7 because of his inability to be able to hammer out a deal for Clowney along with the rest of the Houston Texans staff.

But despite all of this going on, a deadline has been set by the NFL that all teams must comply to.

If Clowney and the Houston Texans don’t arrive at an agreement on a deal before today at 3 p.m. CDT, then he’s here on a one-year deal that could be worth up to $16 million, depending on how they classify what position he plays.

I would imagine it’d be linebacker because they’ll save a few million dollars with the tag being a bit closer $14 million.  It’s a tough call but this move is certainly going to be more cost-effective with the Houston Texans salary cap.

But the problem is that the Houston Texans aren’t cap-poor, they have plenty of space for this deal but it’s their way of holding his feet to the fire to have him prove that he can live up to the contract.

I do think that Clowney does deserve a long-term deal but it certainly must be agreeable on both sides and adhere to the Houston Texans budgeting strategy, to which apparently what he wants does not.

Clowney has already sat out OTAs, he’s definitely sitting out training camp and he may miss some

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of the season, depending on how much those millions of dollars mean to him.  I don’t think he’ll pull a Le’Veon Bell, who lost millions in his holdout with the Pittsburgh Steelers, after signing a four-year, $52.5 million deal with the New York Jets, a much-less number than if he would’ve just worked it out with the Steelers.

Nonetheless, we’ll see Clowney sometime this season but it may not be right off the bat but with the tremendous amount of depth on the defensive front, the machinery will keep on running.

But unless the Houston Texans front office throws an incredible Hail Mary pass to get a deal done today, what I’m alluding to is the reality that we’ll be in for 2019.

Let’s hope for the best.

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Clowney recorded 47 combined tackles — 38 solo — along with 16 tackles-for-loss, 9.0 sacks, 21 quarterback hits, three fumble recoveries, one pass defended as well as a forced fumble and a defensive touchdown in 2018.