Houston Texans: A four-part prediction of the 2019 season

Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /
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New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees (Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees (Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

Part III: NFC South

As always, AFC teams take on NFC teams from one division. This season. the Texans have the NFC South, which is probably both good and bad. It’s good because the Texans will take on strong competition from a division that’s had playoff contenders featuring MVP candidates and passing yard records. But it’s also bad because the Texans will take on teams trying to erase bitter defeats in recent years. The schedule plays out like this (all times central).

Week 1: Texans @ Saints – Sep. 9 (Mon.) – 6:10 PM (ESPN)

Week 4: Panthers @ Texans – Sep. 29 – Noon (FOX)

Week 5: Falcons @ Texans – Oct. 6 – Noon (FOX)

Week 16: Texans @ Buccaneers – Dec. 22 -Noon (CBS?!?)

One game will be very challenging. One will be favorable while the other two will be up in the air.

New Orleans

Ah yes! What better way to start the season than on Monday Night Football? A Texans team in search of making the next big step to greatness against a Saints’ team on a mission to erase the most controversial loss in recent history. I do agree the Saints were robbed of being in the Super Bowl after the NFC Championship game. So there’s a high percentage that the Saints will come out blazing and ready to go, especially in the Superdome, which from experience going to a Saints game last year, I can say is intimidating.

The Texans last played New Orleans and smashed them 24-6. But that game was in Houston and the Saints were not as strong of a team as they are now. Drew Brees is in the 40-year-old club. But don’t think he’ll fall off anytime soon. Alvin Kamara will be a challenge for the defense to stop while the Saints will air it out to Michael Thomas, who will attempt to expose our secondary, that we still need help.

This will be the biggest game Watson will play in because he’s playing in a hostile arena against an angry team that will send one of the league’s best defenses. It’s been eight years since Houston got torched for 43 points back in 2011.

If the Texans can keep the game close, this would build their confidence for the remainder of the season to where they can show how true contenders they are. One can only hope the Saints are so fired up that they come out flat and pull a Texans in 2017 against the Jaguars. No one likes starting 0-1, but with the circumstances and everything that’s happened, we’re probably going to start out that way.


The Panthers have been sliding since their Super Bowl 50 loss to the Broncos as they finished 7-9 last season. Part of the reason were losses to tight end Greg Olsen and running back Fozzy Whitaker on offense while Cam Newton had the highest completion percentage of his career in only 14 starts. To be fair, the Panthers started 6-2 last season before dropping seven of their final eight games. So a positive for them is expecting to have a healthy team back and ready for action.

However, the Texans also have an edge in acquiring former Panther Matt Kalil, who is probably marking that game as the day he’ll have his performance following them releasing him. I can see this either being a blowout. But the more I ponder the thought, the more I realize the Texans would have to play close to perfect for that to occur. At best, I look at a double-digit win. At worse, a one-score win. Either way, this is a win in my view.


Now here’s a hot game that fans will look to tune into as defenses will probably take a back seat watching Watson and Matt Ryan torch the other. The Falcons, who are still tied to the 28-3 stigma, also finished 7-9 in the NFC South.

That was mainly due to injuries while New Orleans started catching fire and having an incredible season. Last time the Falcons faced the Texans, they conceded 21 points, which was ok to them as long as they scored 48 points.

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This will be a big battle for Deandre Hopkins as well because he will go up with Julio Jones. Look for both of them to obtain 100+ yards and a touchdown catch or two to keep them in the game. This will be another statement game for the Texans at home as they look to end Atlanta’s dream of another Super Bowl season. A field goal win in this game I see.

Tampa Bay

Tampa is a game that I wouldn’t look past, but I think the odds are in our favor. This will be an area of the season where the Texans will still be in the playoff hunt and will have to win games like this. Jameis Winston hasn’t lived up to the hype he displayed at Florida State and last season was proof of that. 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions can only take you so far.

Winston will be dealing with trying to rebound from last season in spite of setting multiple franchise records. But if there is an ace he has, it’s Mike Evans, who caught a career-high 1,524 yards and nine touchdowns. The former A&M wide receiver will be the primary target for the Texans’ secondary to defend.

Ultimately, this game is vital for Houston to keep their playoff hopes alive. It might be a game the Texans will have to fight and win ugly, which there will come a point for that. But Houston should win this kind of game. My belief is that win #10 occurs in Tampa.