Houston Texans: Three thoughts reflecting on the firing of Brian Gaine

Brian Gaine, former general manager of the Houston Texans (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Brian Gaine, former general manager of the Houston Texans (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /
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Houston Texans chairman Cal McNair and head coach Bill O’Brien (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

Thought #3: Determining the end game

O’Brien used to work for the Patriots *largely exaggerated sarcastic gasp*. The other three teams mentioned — 49ers, Lions and Titans have employees that were fundamental parts of the Patriots from the past.

Did O’Brien and the Houston Texans front office purposefully ditch the pursuit, while Caserio is still a Patriot, in order to keep a strong relationship with them? Possibly. I wouldn’t know why they would want to maintain such an association unless they were planning on further communication.

But it makes sense to say that if Caserio plans on leaving Patriots anyway, why give up on that strong relationship with the best franchise in all of NFL? Even if Caserio agrees to stay in New England, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to keep that strong relationship. Trying to escape the charge could’ve hurt the ties with Patriots deeply, maybe even cut them entirely but it looked like O’Brien

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was prepared to take that risk.

I still can’t fathom what a future move could entail. It could range from trading for one of their star players to stealing their towel boy. I have no clue. But I wonder that if they do end up landing Caserio, then maybe they can use that strong, established relationship with the Patriots for an advantage.

Or the Patriots could hate us entirely for trying to steal Caserio away from them and wouldn’t want to speak with the Houston Texans ever again. But either way, there’s a clear message that O’Brien has added pressure toward his current job and if there’s another bad relationship between O’Brien and the future third GM, then we all are going to know who’s at fault.

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And that’s my two cents…

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