Houston Texans: Three thoughts reflecting on the firing of Brian Gaine

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Houston Texans

Former Houston Texans GM Brian Gaine (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

It has been about three weeks since the Houston Texans fired Brian Gaine as their general manager. Here’s a reflection in regard to the decision made.

After only two offseasons of service for the Houston Texans, Brian Gaine was relieved of his duties in a relatively unexpected fashion considering the contract he was given.

Was I shocked so hard that I fainted to the floor with my head on my forehead?


Was I so shocked that I completely dropped my task at hand to call everybody I knew to let them know that the Texans are in search of a new GM?


The reason I didn’t write an article right away was that I was curious to see how this situation might play out for a few weeks after.

At this point, I think I have a good few points to mention and I hope I can somewhat organize them to make them understandable to you because honestly they make less sense in my head the more I think about them.

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