Houston Rockets: Daryl Morey does a great mic drop on Chris Paul rumors

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey (Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)
Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey (Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The rumors of the Houston Rockets trading Chris Paul has been squashed by the ultimate mic drop by general manager Daryl Morey. What’s going on?

Houston Rockets fans — this whirlwind of an offseason is about to start once again as the ballyhooed date of July 1 comes to fruition in a couple of weeks.  But at least we know that the team is going to stay mostly intact for the 2019-20 season.

There were rumors flying all over the place that indicated that the team was putting all of its players on the block and it turns out that they’re doing exactly how I expected, bringing most of the band back with a few tweaks to the bench.

When you have a team that gets so close to beating the Golden State Warriors as the Houston Rockets did, one cannot just dismantle what has been working over the past three seasons.  They have the stars, role players and the competent coaching to get the job done but it just happens that this team is facing one of the greatest NBA dynasties of this era.

The bench should be the focus for this offseason and I wouldn’t mind them adding a third star —

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particularly at the small forward position — so that Eric Gordon can go back to being the great spark he is off the bench.

Morey has expressed his desire to seek that third star out this offseason and I think it’s going to happen, whatever way he has to slaughter the cow to get the job done.

Austin Rivers and Danuel House should be the only two guys not under a contract that should be signed back with the team as their contributions were extremely valuable to the team.  Rivers and House were pleasant surprises this season, although we didn’t see as much from the latter in the postseason because he was dealing with a foot injury.  That’ll be shored up and we’ll be seeing House do spectacular things for the Houston Rockets in the upcoming season.

But anyway, how about those Chris Paul rumors?

Morey not only has refused to trade CP3 but he indicates that the highest-paid player on the roster hasn’t requested one.  That’s refreshing news to hear.

But to put mind over matter, here’s a tweet from Morey indicating that the relationship between Paul and the organization is just fine.  I think it’s ultimate mic drop from the front office to combat the rumors.

Take a look:

I loved how he framed the tweet as if it were the title/prelude to some kind of raunchy adult film but his point was clearly understood — there is no tension and Paul will back in Houston Rockets next season and possibly beyond.

The man will be making $40 million per season for the next three — he gets to keep most of that from the taxman because he lives in our great state of Texas — and the Houston Rockets knew the likelihood that his deal would be hard to move if that had buyer’s remorse.

That’s not the case and even if there are indications that Paul is aging a bit, he’s still pretty damn good and this team would not be as robust without him.

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It’d be nice if he had the ball in his hands more as the ultimate facilitator but I’m positive he and James Harden will work that out.  There’s no doubt about it.

Let’s go Houston Rockets — onward and forward!