Houston Rockets: The latest on the team’s rumored ‘fire sale’ of players

Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

The Houston Rockets have been circulating quite a bit in the offseason news and it’s about its rumored fire sale of players. Is it true? What did they say?

Houston Rockets fans — was there any indication that this offseason would be riddled with uncertainty?  This is one of the most peculiar that I’ve ever experienced as a fan and it appears that the pot is going to get sweeter over the next few weeks.

The red-letter date, of course, is July 1 which is the official mark on the calendar for the start of the 2019-20 offseason.  Although rumors of what this team is going to do will be in full force well before then, I do believe that this team will be enabled to make some sort of splash before it’s all said and done.

It’s unfortunate to witness these Houston Rockets — who have had so much potential — to fall to the Golden State Warriors in six games of the Western Conference Semis.  Yes, it has been about a month since the Houston Rockets were eliminated but the feelings of pain are still there.

When one is so close to an NBA championship that they can taste it, it’s what makes the hurt even more pronounced.

But you know what?  It’s the life of a Houston Sports fan, being oh-so-close had been the tagline for us all, until the Houston Astros decided to be…well…um…pretty damn good.

Thank goodness we have a recent championship to talk about as the memories of the back-to-back championships back in the mid-1990s were all that we had to hang our hats on.  I strongly feel the Houston Rockets can get there but they’ve got to tweak and keep trying to take their nemesis in the Warriors.

But with all of the rumors continuing to swirl about the Houston Rockets having a “fire sale,” and everything must go, the team’s two top officials, owner Tilman Fertitta and general manager set the record straight.

According to Jonathan Feigen of the Chron, the Houston Rockets have said that the current

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starting five is likely to return for 2019-20.  This is what I expected but it’s good that we hear those words admonished by those at the controls of the big red machine.

So it’s apparent that Chris Paul, James Harden, Eric Gordon, P.J. Tucker and Clint Capela will be back in a Houston Rockets uniform next season.

But notice the use of the word “likely” as a caveat — indicating that Morey still is going to evaluate each and every offer that comes across his desk on whether or not it will improve the team.

You never want to back yourself into a corner and the quote certainly gives a vote of confidence but does not rule out the possibility of a change.

Quite honestly — this team needs to target a quality starting small forward as well as provide a beefing up of the bench.  The only guy that should be a lock to brought back that was on their bench from last season is Austin Rivers.  He’s a terrific fit for this system, he can defend decently and can hit key buckets when counted upon.  Plus he seems to love it here in Houston so what more can you ask?

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Each of these posts I write feels like the latest episode of “As the Houston Rockets turn,” but the offseason has been filled with drama thus far.

What’s next?

Only time will tell.