Houston Texans: Fans need to chill out on negative Tytus Howard rhetoric

Potential Houston Texans draft target Tytus Howard (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Potential Houston Texans draft target Tytus Howard (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans selected tackle Tytus Howard in the first round of the NFL Draft amid massive criticism. Here’s why fans need to chill and get a grip.

All right — the first night of the NFL didn’t go as planned for many Houston Texans fans. I’ll try and be one of the first people to address the giant elephant in the room about the Houston Texans draft night.

There’s disappointment.

There’s confusion.

There’s an abundant amount of, “What the hell?”

There are people who are literally banging their head against the wall once again as they believe that the Houston Texans continued a trend of mediocrity that just seems to get worse as time passes along.

The Houston Texans drafted Tytus Howard with the 23rd pick, a former quarterback who even dabbled as a running back but then gained a crap ton of muscle and weight to move into the realm of being an offensive lineman.

Another so-called Braxton Miller.

Another “guy with potential” has been drafted into the Houston Texans franchise.

Another questionable choice to the many other choices this offseason has left many Houston Texans fans in bewilderment and anger.

Many Houston Texans fans have outright said they would’ve done the draft differently and I also point the obvious that many Houston Texans fans were disappointed with the results. But if there is one thing that I’m truly ticked off about, it’s how all of us “fans” responded to what happened.

As fans, we are supposed to normally support our team. We are asked to keep on screaming with love when they are winning and when they are losing, we need to be screaming with passion and love even louder. If you’re a true fan, you will understand that to the fullest. If not, please exit the page at this time.

It’s understandable to be angry. Many people were convinced that there were more qualified people on the board at the time and the fact that we picked somebody who was considered “raw” by draft analysts can hurt. But it was disappointing scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing all these hurtful comments in regard to Howard.

Howard has worked his a$@ off to where he is today. He worked harder than many of us have to enjoy this night of finally having all of that work pay off. Being drafted is when you can say you truly made it to arguably the highest level in this sport and it’s a memorable day that will last a lifetime.

Yet, the hatred from many fans was insurmountable. I read a comment that said, “Howard better prove his dumb*** on the field very quickly here or I’m going to give up on this franchise.”

Howard didn’t draft himself into the Houston Texans. The Houston Texans selected Howard. What did he do as to deserve so much anger? He’s a rookie and his adjustment to the NFL takes time and support. It’s just wrong to put so much pressure onto Howard, especially on draft night.

Obviously, I’m aware that a player should use the hatred as motivation, but is it so bad as to were he receives hatred from his own fans for being drafted to a team he didn’t choose? THE MAN HASN’T EVEN PLAYED A DAMN SECOND ON THE FIELD YET.  By the way, that quote wasn’t the only example.

In a few months, this man is going to be playing in his first NFL game. How would he feel if not

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even his home crowd is behind him 100 percent?  You can hate on his arrival to the team all you want but this man’s industriousness is admirable.  Considering the fact that he is willing to put in the work to protect Deshaun Watson, our most-prized possession, I would like to say he deserves a little bit more respect than what we had given him tonight. I saw more hatred and confusion toward Howard himself than people welcoming him to the city.

Just a damn shame. A damn shame.

I have no idea how fans are going to treat Howard but all I know is I am 100 percent behind him. I know at the end of the day, he just wants to be the best player he can be and prove himself to be a strong point amongst one of the greatest weaknesses of this Houston Texans’ offense. And plus, if this man proves his doubters wrong the way J.J. Watt did, it’ll only make his success feel that much sweeter.

Here’s a must-read open letter to Howard:

Dear Mr. Howard,

On behalf of all the people who had shown nothing but hatred toward your arrival tonight, I would like to welcome you to Houston. I wish you nothing but the best and I know you will give your full effort to become the best player on the field that you can be. You have tons of potential and I certainly hope to see it in action on the field. No matter what happens, I’ve got your back.


Not a hater

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With all things considered, Howard faces an uphill battle but he has the capability to win out.  All I want is for him is to succeed with the Houston Texans.