Houston Rockets: The major key to dismantling the Warriors in round two

SAN ANTONIO,TX - APRIL 1 : Clint Capela of the Houston Rockets and Houston Sports
SAN ANTONIO,TX - APRIL 1 : Clint Capela of the Houston Rockets and Houston Sports /

The Houston Rockets offense has been potent in the playoffs but the key to their matchup against the Warriors will be turnovers, on both sides of the ball.

The Houston Rockets were dominant overall in their first-round matchup against the Utah Jazz but in Games 4 and 5 of that series, the Rockets looked vulnerable largely because of the number of turnovers they had.

During the regular season, the Rockets were 6th in the league in turnovers with only 13.3 a game. In their first-round matchup against the Jazz, they averaged more turnovers with 15.2 per game.

We all understand that the Jazz are playing an unconventional defense against James Harden and Co. but the turnover issue is very worrisome because if the Warriors create turnovers and get going, they can turn into a beast offensively.

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The Rockets need their two Hall of Fame point guards to secure the ball on offense and to make sure they play efficient offense.

When the Houston Rockets reduce their turnovers, it allows the team to get back and set up their half-court defense. Furthermore, when the Rockets can set up their defense they are dangerous defensively because of the number of turnovers they create every game.

This leads to my next point regarding the Rockets and the key to beating the Warriors… they need to continue to CREATE turnovers.

The Warriors are currently ranked dead last in turnovers with 17 per game in the playoffs. To add to that they were ranked 21st in turnovers during the regular season with 14.3 per game, so this is a reoccurring theme for the Warriors.

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The good thing for the Rockets is that their two best players were both in the top 5 in steals during the regular season.  Also, the team was ranked 6th in the regular season with 18 points off of turnovers per game, which means they score off of those steals.

The Houston Rockets have sustained their defense to quick offense philosophy by averaging 17.5 points off of turnovers per game in their matchup against the Jazz. So they are right on track defensively.

Nonetheless, if the Rockets continue to turnover the ball as they did in game 4 and 5 against the Warriors, they will suffer the same fate as last year.

The Houston Rockets do not have many advantages against the Warriors, so they must attack any weakness the Warriors may exhibit but they also must make sure they do not fall into the same trap of giving the ball away.

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Currently, the Warriors are heading to game six of their series against the Clippers after Lou Williams and company forced it in game five. You can keep an eye on this series and the Houston Rockets eventual second round opponent when they take the court Friday night at 9:00 pm CT.