Houston Texans Rumors: Complete seven round mock draft 4.0

Houston Texans GM Brian Gaine (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Houston Texans GM Brian Gaine (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Potential Houston Texans draft target
Potential Houston Texans draft target Bryce Love (Photo by Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

If this were a perfect world, Bryce Love would not be available in the 5th round for the Houston Texans to select. But, this isn’t a perfect world and an exciting prospect suffered a late ACL injury that has knocked him way down draft boards.

While this is a sucky situation for a great young man and a very good player, it’s a phenomenal opportunity for the Texans to add a high quality running back later in the draft. Lamar Miller and D’Onta Foreman make up the depth chart and running back and adding an electric player like Love could take this position group to the next level.

A year ago, Love would have been a draft darling coming off of a phenomenal 2017 campaign that many touting him as one of the best running backs in the entire country. Then, an injury-filled 2018 season made his play inconsistent until he finally tore his ACL late in the season that has shut him down since.

But, in the 5th round, value meets risk perfectly for a player of Love’s caliber who is lightning quick with excellent speed. He can turn a 5 yard run into 20 yards and a 20 yard run into 60, easily. He is also solid with his hands and can block in the backfield. There is risk here but at this point, the reward vastly outweighs it for the Houston Texans.