Houston Sports: The three worst moments of 2018

Houston Sports sad Texans fan (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Houston Sports sad Texans fan (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /
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Houston Sports
Houston Sports sad Texans fan (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

Houston Sports has enjoyed a sort of renaissance as of late but there have been a few perils. What are the three worst sporting moments of 2018? Look.

Houston Sports fans — let’s reflect back on 2018 as we transition into the final days of the year.  What are you thinking?  If you’re on the same page with me, things have been mostly positive for this year with a few challenges all of our teams have faced.

But I think this city has evolved from yesteryear where we’d be continuously disappointed and in the doldrums as our teams would be “oh so close” by no cigar.  Among the ownership of the Big Three sports franchises, you have individuals that are gregariously committed to ensuring their teams are successful and not having the mantra of milking a cash cow so to speak.

Jim Crane, Tilman Fertitta and Cal McNair — now the face of the Houston Texans with the passing of his father and founder Bob McNair — all seem to have to be extremely vested in this city and how the fans perceive their teams.

It’s makes me proud as a Houstonian to know this and it goes to show that the future is quite bright for all of its franchises, which continues to have burgeoning arms with the announcement that there will be an XFL franchise as well as the eventual development morphing into a reality in regard to professional hockey coming back to Houston.

By the way, Houston Sports fans, if you’re wanting to join the movement, I know the guys who spearheading the movement so take a moment to follow @NHLtoHouston on Twitter, NHL To Houston on Facebook and @nhltohouston on Instagram and see what they’re all about.  Fertitta recently reached out to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman to explore the idea of bringing a franchise to Houston!  I know I’d be excited about this!

It’s just a glorious time to be a fan of Houston Sports and I think it’s going to get better as each franchise has the right people in place to keep them on a trajectory to be successful.

With city that’s edging well past two million plus residents along with another four million or so that live in the geographical area, it’s something that we all can be proud of.

But with all of romanticism I’m giving about the state of Houston Sports right now, we must focus on the moments — albeit briefly — that didn’t quite make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So ladies and gents, come one, come all Houston Sports fans, let’s hit the rewind button and review the top three worst moments in Houston Sports for this year.

Take a look and we’re going to go from three to one.  The ride will be bumpy so it’s time to fasten your seat belt!