Houston Rockets: Three reasons why they’ve reached a turning point

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Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets guards Chris Paul and James Harden (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Houston Rockets’ underachieving start is alarming. But based off their recent play, here are three reasons why the team has reached a turning point.

With a 13-14 record, the Houston Rockets are just three losses away from tying their total from all of last season. It’s crazy how one off season can change the entire view of a team. The Houston Rockets are ranked 13th in the Western Conference and it’s true that many people have written this team off and have jumped off the once quite-full bandwagon.

But I refuse to believe this is happening. This team still has one of the back courts in the league and I refuse to believe that this team is out of the picture.  They still have a Sixth Man of the Year award winner, a young and thriving center, a mastermind general manager and reigning Coach of the Year in Mike D’Antoni. It’s not piecing together and it doesn’t make sense to see the Houston Rockets so far off their mark this season.

But it’s currently the reality that we’re living in.  The departures of Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute have hurt this team more than I thought it would (though it wouldn’t fix everything even if they returned), they aren’t firing three-pointers at a rapid rate from last year and the depth seems a lot smaller than it was last year.

This season is really reminding me of a crash that had happened very recently.  Let’s take a look at what.

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