Houston Texans: Breaking down the two most ideal playoff scenarios

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The best, realistic scenario

1. Chiefs, 2. Texans, 3. Patriots, 4. Steelers, 5. Chargers, 6. Ravens

So for the first time in Houston Texans history, the Texans will get a first-round bye in the playoffs. Damn, it has been 16 years. Took ya long enough. Here’ s where it gets interesting. I’ve debated with my dad for a while if Texans need the bye week come playoff time, or should even get one in general.

My side: Yes, we should because every time Texans make the playoffs, if they win the Wildcard at home, they go off to the divisional round that isn’t a home game. In a playoff atmosphere, it seems like home field advantage becomes more important the further you go. Texans have never gone past the divisional round, as the three they went to were all away games. So maybe home field along with Watson is what Texans need to get over the franchise hump.

Dad’s side: No, we shouldn’t because Texans should build up momentum going into the divisional round. I don’t want to win 13 straight games then take a week off because it doesn’t look right. We played crappy teams, half of the wins looking unconvincing, and we need a sense of the playoff atmosphere before taking on a divisional opponent. The last thing I want this team to do is to turn into the Peyton Manning-led Colts, win a bunch of games in the regular season then choke come playoff time despite the advantage of home field being on your side.

The Texans have multiple options at safety for the future. light. Read

In retrospect, my dad is sounding a little bit more logical. But just drop in the comments what you would think if you would like.

In order for this seeding to happen, the best case scenario is that Patriots go 3-1 in the last 4 games while Texans go 4-0. Texans would be playing the winner of Patriots or Ravens, and I had discussed Texans playing either of those teams in the previous slide. If the Texans manage to get through divisional, then they would be playing the Chargers, Chiefs, or Steelers in the AFC Conference Finals.

Hell, let them fight for that spot. Who are we to intervene? Hope it’s the Steelers or Chargers because if one of those teams prevails then Texans will get home field in the Conference Finals.

If it’s the Chiefs, then we must all sit in front of the altar and just hope that Tyrann Mathieu, Kareem Jackson, Johnathan Joseph, and Justin Reid play like mad dawgs on Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce along with Watson and Lamar Miller taking over somehow. Then I’d say we got a pretty solid shot. You’re probably wondering, wouldn’t the best case scenario be that the entire playoffs go through Houston if they get the number one seed?

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Well, I am also being realistic. Chiefs will likely have a tiebreaker between themselves and Texans because of the strength of schedule (I could be wrong on that, as I have been unable to find out who would own a tiebreaker between Texans and Chiefs. Both lost to Patriots. Too early to call based on the divisional record, as there are still divisional games left for both teams). Assuming Chiefs have the tiebreaker, the following needs to happen in the last 4 games for Texans to get the first seed…

Houston Texans: 4-0 at worst, New England Patriots: 3-1 at best, Kansas City Chiefs: 2-2 at best.

I said realistic, but hey it was a good thought. IF this does happen, and that’s a big IF, I’m going to be damn pissed if we don’t make it to the Super Bowl, especially if we lost in the divisional round. At least let’s beat franchise history…

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Until then, keep going Houston Texans. And to you fans who don’t agree with our record right now, just remember that a win’s a win no matter how it got there.