Houston Texans: Breaking down the two most ideal playoff scenarios

Houston Texans defense (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Houston Texans defense (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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2nd Best, realistic scenario

Seeds: 1. Chiefs 2. Patriots. 3. Texans 4. Steelers 5. Chargers 6. Ravens

The Houston Texans would play in the Wild Card Round against the Ravens with home field, and I’d honestly take that any day over the Chargers. The Charger’s seed in this playoffs does not represent the kind of team they are, as Phillip Rivers is looking better than ever past his 30’s with an explosive young running back. Steelers vs Chargers in Week 13 is all you need to know really.

Assuming Ravens is the next best option, Texans have a game they can use to build momentum. If they manage to score on a tough defense, then the Texans can have something to rely on during this game. However, whoever is starting at QB for Ravens can make a big difference.

Let’s be plain and simple with Lamar Jackson; he’s a young QB who can electrify a team with his athletic ability. He has yet to lose a game in the NFL, but this is a guy I would honestly have the Texans play. Jackson is a running QB, and the Texans are one of the best run defenses in the NFL. If they force Jackson to pass the ball often, then the Texans will have the definite advantage as Jackson only has a 73.5 Qb rating on the season.

If Flacco plays, then his experience and ability to throw the ball can make this game quite interesting. But I am confident that the Texans can take this game.

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If they do win, then the Houston Texans move on to play the Patriots. Asking the Texans if they want to play the Chiefs or Patriots is like asking them to pick their poison. Either game will be an away game and against some elite team that hasn’t been involved AT ALL in this Texan win streak.

But the Chiefs are red hot on offense. Despite cutting ties with Kareem Hunt, Patrick Mahomes is still there with more than plenty of playmakers. It’s a better choice to play the Patriots because we have played them earlier this year. While both teams are completely different now, I’d like to think it’s better to play them than the rolling Chiefs.

And for Pete’s sake, can the Houston Texans man up and beat the damn Patriots, with Tom Brady playing, for once? I am kinda done with an annual loss to this team, so let’s conquer our damn demon so we can win this damn ring. The only way to ever make up for all these losses is to kick their tails in playoffs and finish the season with a victory.

Eventually in this scenario, if we win vs Ravens and Patriots, we would be facing either Steelers, Chiefs, or Chargers. Hey, another pick your poison!

Steelers had been moving well with James Conner at RB until his leg injury. Regardless, don’t think about taking this team lightly. Ben Roethlisberger is still out there with arguably the best WR in the league (I think DeAndre Hopkins is better, but whatever). Their defense still has playmakers like T.J. Watt, but then again, Chargers put on a show against them come the second half.

More. Texans downfall could be settling for field goals. light

All of these 3 teams have the potential to pile up points on the Texans because they don’t HAVE to run the ball for a good offense. All 3 of these teams can play and win from the passing attack, while the Houston Texans have gotten their win streak by running the ball and playing tough run defense.

No knock against Deshaun Watson, as he has done a terrific job this year. But if these experienced teams are piling up points, the offensive line won’t be the greatest help for Watson when he’s trying to keep up.

One advantage would be that if Steelers or Chargers make it through, then Texans would have home field. So I’d knock out the chiefs right away. Between these two, the Sunday night game that featured these two teams showed two different sides of each other, but the good sides looked dangerous as hell.

So which team would I prefer? Eeny, meeny, mini, mo?