Houston Astros: Three prospects the team should willingly give up in a trade

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Houston Astros

HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 30: Alex Bregman #2 of the Houston Astros (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Houston Astros will likely need to make a trade this offseason in order get back to the World Series. Here are three prospects they should be willing to trade.

The Houston Astros have yet to make a move on any of the members of the 2019 free agent class was supposed to be legendary. It was to be headlined by Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, and though they’re both free agents and likely to land huge deals, it’s not going to be as big as once thought.

Harper had a couple of down years and hasn’t been able to capture the same magic that saw him win an MVP. The MLB also seems to have soured on Machado down the stretch after he lacked hustle and was accused, rightly, of dirty plays on other players.

There is a couple of top arms like Patrick Corbin, Dallas Keuchel, and Craig Kimbrel but outside of those three, it’s hard to get really excited about the quality of pitching depth. Of course, there are still guys that could come in and bolster any team but there aren’t many guarantees.

That goes for the position players, especially in the areas that the Houston Astros need help, left field, catcher, and potentially first base. So, they may have to look at other avenues to improve the team heading into 2019. Their options are either promote internally or pursue a trade.

There could be promotion options for both left field and first base but catcher will definitely need to be improved externally. The Astros haven’t hesitated to pull off trades before if the value for both sides was right. They have a deep farm system that contains a lot of players that other teams covet.

There are some that I consider mostly untouchable like Forrest Whitley, Yordan Alvarez, and Kyle Tucker. However, depending on the player the majority of the other guys should be available. So, here are three guys other teams could have their eye on that the Houston Astros should give up willingly for the right player.

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