Houston Texans: A lifelong fan’s biggest concerns about the franchise

HOUSTON, TX- SEPTEMBER 29: A Houston Texans fans sits dejected after turning the ball over on down in overtime against the Seattle Seahawks on September 29, 2013 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
HOUSTON, TX- SEPTEMBER 29: A Houston Texans fans sits dejected after turning the ball over on down in overtime against the Seattle Seahawks on September 29, 2013 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans 0-3 start definitely has many fans concerned about the direction. It’s time to talk about the biggest concerns moving forward. Look.

The Houston Texans drop to 0-3 last Sunday to the New York Giants and the loss pretty much wraps up the season for this team as there is a two percent chance of them making the playoffs. There are obviously concerns with the coaching staff but in my opinion, it’s even worse than that.

Everyone can agree that this season as probably been the most disappointing season so far in franchise history. Everything is going wrong for the Houston Texans outside of J.J. Watt.

Deshaun Watson has been up and down with a bit of progress.  The running game didn’t amount to much this past Sunday and the tight ends aren’t being used as much as we hoped.  The offensive line is utterly the epitome of garbage and the list goes on and on and on.

Simply to put, it’s an embarrassment and it’s to the point where we might actually be the new Cleveland Browns as this team has not won a single game in nearly one year to date.  Their last win was Nov. 19, 2017, a 31-21 eke-out over the Arizona Cardinals.

Bill O’Brien is a great human being but not a great coach — we can all see that each and every Sunday, especially this season. His play calling is as predictable as WWE, he doesn’t want to change anything and he makes first-year coach mistakes as a fifth-year head coach.  That shouldn’t be happening at this point in his career.

In the last two weeks, two first-year head coaches — Mike Vrabel and Pat Shurmur — have out-coached him for their first win of their young head coaching career and the Houston Texans have come out flat in the first quarter every single game.

Bill, I think I say this for all fans. CHANGE SOMETHING! We are absolutely sick and tired of the same old excuses on why you lost the game. From “it’s not my job” to “it’s on me John [McClain],” it’s starting to sound like a broken record.  Bill, you say “I’ve gotta coach better” after each and ever loss, WELL WHERE’S THE BETTER COACHING AND CHANGES? You make the same mistakes each week and you’ve shown little progress in learning from them.

I am literally scared for Deshaun Watson, it seems you are his biggest enemy and not his biggest ally. This “new” playbook is not good, go back to what got you that four-year extension last year and use this young, budding quarterback to his best abilities.

Oh by the way, if this continues for the rest of the season, you better kiss your job goodbye because us fans are sick and tired of the mediocrity and settling for less. You saw what this team did to Brock Osweiler after he could not deliver goods amid a humongous contract offered.  He got thrown out the door —  it can be certainly done to you by either Bob McNair or your BFF Brian Gaine. You got Rick Smith out, what’s your excuse now?

If you lose to the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday, get ready to pack your bags.

It’s really sad, it’s only Week 3 and I’m already looking at head coaches that can fill Bill O’Brien’s place if he gets canned after this season.

This week, just please show us fans some changes and coach better overall.

Now, onto McNair.

Bob, I will always thank you for bringing football back to Houston but it’s time to either step down, sell the team, or make some changes with the culture of the team.

You have settled for mediocrity and the culture of this franchise is not good at all.  This team doesn’t possess a winning culture like the New England Patriots. It seems to the diehard fans that

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you don’t care about the product on the field.

Do you want know why the Houston Astros and Rockets are ahead of you know when it comes to popularity in the city?  THOSE ORGANIZATIONS WANT TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS, NOT BE MEDIOCRE AND SETTLE FOR LESS. You think the Houston Texans are still king in Houston? Nope, Jim Crane and the Astros are beating your team in popularity and we all know that Texas has a stronger affinity for football than baseball. Learn from the Astros, they have the best culture in MLB and from top to bottom they are buttoned up.  Coincidentally, your Houston Texans aren’t.

In my opinion, this franchise needs a culture change badly and it starts at the top. You say you have consistent sellout crowds — every game has sold out since inception — but in reality some of the fans stay outside NRG, tailgate with their buddies.

A lot of them sell their tickets and not attend the game at all.  This is reflective of the empty seats throughout the stadium. The Houston Texans tailgating experience is second-to-none but can you actually put a product on the field that will put fans in their seats once again?  Let’s reward them with a winning team! If you have a good champion-like culture, the fans will do anything to watch this team play.

I believe this team has a QB that will allow this team to win their first-ever Super Bowl. But I am scared that the incompetence of the Texans‘ franchise will waste the talent of man that has the potential to be an elite QB.

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Something has to change.  I love the Texans and all of this may be an overreaction.  I’ll still watch and support my team but there is only so much one can take.

Get it together guys and don’t waste the talents of Deshaun like you did Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Duane Brown, Brian Cushing and Watt.

Do you all agree?  Feel free to sound off in the comments section below.