Houston Rockets: Another Tense Series with the Jazz Coming Up

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 25: James Harden
HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 25: James Harden /
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Let’s Rewind Back to Minnesota

If there was one thing the Minnesota series showed, it’s that Houston can’t win a series with inconsistent play. The Rockets won game one by three points while game two was a blowout win. Game three was one where our offense struggled in the second half of Minnesota’s win.

In game four, it was our fifty-point third quarter that sealed the win for the Rockets. Then after trailing in game five, the Rockets battled back and went on from there.

Each game was different, yes. There will be different games in this series too. But if the Rockets want to win, the shots need to be falling. Additionally, James Harden and Chris Paul will need to step up. If those two struggle, then the others will need to step up. It can’t always be two people.

  • Houston won game one against Minnesota by three. But Harden (44 points) and Clint Capela (24 points, 12 rebounds) carried the team
  • In game two, Harden struggled from the field (2-18 FG) despite scoring 12 points while Paul led the way with 27 points. Gerald Green led all reserves with 21 points and 12 rebounds.
  • In game four during Houston’s fifty-point third quarter, Harden and Paul combined for 36 of 40 points at one time.

Obviously, the Houston Rockets came away with the wins in each of the games. But as the journey continues, the inconsistent play must come as close to ceasing if the Rockets want to win a title.