Houston Rockets: Re-examining the Three Problems of Clutch City

SAN ANTONIO,TX - APRIL 1 : After being forced to not shoot James Harden
SAN ANTONIO,TX - APRIL 1 : After being forced to not shoot James Harden /
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When one has a theory about something, they put it to a test. It either works or it doesn’t. But sometimes, they reconsider the earlier problems that they brought out. That’s what this author is doing as he talks about the Houston Rockets.

Most of the time, I write on things from a theory to a moment that I feel passionate about when it comes to Houston Rockets and other Houston sports. I try to give out my reasons even if they don’t make sense. I don’t mind readers giving me a comment about it whether they agree or disagree because I like to hear your thoughts.

However, I’m writing this entry feeling angered and bothered. I don’t mind y’all disagreeing with my opinions. But to go as far as saying I’m a “serial idiot”, questioning my knowledge of Houston sports, and then asking House of Houston or to write an article about three reasons why I should be “dragged through the streets of Houston” is just something I won’t tolerate. For starters, you’re wasting your time saying those things, especially comments that go deep south. But also, I thought this was supposed to be a respectful site. I guess I was wrong with what was said to me.

I think I speak for everyone here that writes for House of Houston when I say our opinions may not always be crystal clear. But we write our thoughts here because we love Houston sports and we should say what’s on our mind. It’s a democracy, right? If I was a “serial idiot”, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Are You Leaving House of Houston?

Certainly not! No matter how bad the comments are, I’m not going anywhere. You can try to bring me down, but I’m stronger than you think.

But all the same, the people who made the comments, even the ones who claim click bait, which is flat out wrong, do make a point. There were some flaws in one of my recent entries. It involves the Houston Rockets and three problems facing them for the playoffs.

Now there’s the first flaw. They’re not problems. They’re just outside influences that shouldn’t be allowed on the court. What I was trying to say is that there are some things that could be mentioned in the playoffs by the outside.

Time For Re-examination

So just to be sure, we’re on the same page, I’m going to try an explain the three factors of the entry I wrote a while back. I feel that re-evaluating myself and the article, I wasn’t bright and clear enough. Maybe I let my insecurities of hearing the outside world finding excuses to not credit Houston get in the way.

So this is what is probably going to be talked about during the playoffs. This is not me talking. This is coming from anyone who doesn’t have a passion in Houston sports like we do. I want the Houston Rockets to win a championship and I feel this is our year. But what I’m going to try and do is correct myself for the naysayers in my points across. Sometimes, you have to be realistic and understanding to the truth. As much as I hate saying that, we have to accept that.

While I won’t be writing an entry about me being dragged through the streets of Houston, I’d rather drag myself than having somebody else give me the wrong information about life. So without further ado, let’s go into the three points in my entry.