Houston Rockets: Two teams that could cause problems in the playoffs

PHOENIX, AZ - NOVEMBER 16: Ryan Anderson
PHOENIX, AZ - NOVEMBER 16: Ryan Anderson /

The Houston Rockets seem to be the favorite to reach the Western Conference Finals to eventually face the Warriors, but the road will not be easy.  Here are a couple teams that could give the team a fight in the postseason.

The Houston Rockets are the best team in the NBA without a doubt and they have been absolutely dominant this season compared to year’s past.

With James Harden, Clint Capela and Chris Paul on the floor, this team is nearly unbeatable with the only losses in single-possession ball games. The losses with those three on the court have come from the Pelicans and the Raptors, which are quality teams. Especially the Raptors, to which they are the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference and a potential NBA Finals match up for the Houston Rockets.

As sports teach us time and time again, never underestimate anyone when it comes to the playoffs. There are teams out there that will give it their all and do what is necessary to knock out their opponents from the postseason. Here are two teams that have a chance to cause the Rockets problems next month:

Team 1: Oklahoma City Thunder

Before the season got started, everyone thought this was the team that would be a Top 3 seed in the West and would challenge the Golden State Warriors for the West in the conference finals, especially with the off season acquisitions of Carmelo Anthony and Paul George.

You would think a team with Russell Westbrook, Anthony and George would be dominant all year long. However, the Thunder have been really up and down this season and earlier in the season there were talks of moving George before the deadline and blowing up this experiment.

As of right now, they sit in the 4th seed behind a really good Trail Blazers squad. However, the 3-8 seeds in the West are a complete war among themselves.  One slip up or two and those teams could drop to a 6th or 7th seed which would still be a disappointment for the amount of talent they have. It’s astonishing how the 8th seed in the West is only a few games behind the No. 3 seed.

The reason I consider this team a potential threat is because of the star power, all of these guys have experience in the playoffs. Who knows, they all might turn it on when it comes time.

Steven Adams versus Capela would also be a heck of a battle in the paint.

Team 2: San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs are always a threat no matter who is on that team. Sure Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli are old and the Kawhi Leonard situation is absolutely confusing.

However, when you have the greatest coach NBA history on your side, it will always be a

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challenge. It simply is the Gregg Popovich factor. Popovich and Bill Belichick are two of the greatest coaches ever in their sports and they have one thing in common, they will take away what you are good at and challenge you where you are not.

Unlike last year, the Houston Rockets won’t go down easy, even if you take away the three-point line. Even so, this team can overpower their competition on any night, even when the threes aren’t falling.

Currently, the Spurs are the 6th seed in the West. Unfortunately, if they keep losing could be a potential 1st round match up for the Rockets. However, there is no way this Rockets team loses to the Spurs in a seven-game series. Then again, with Popovich roaming the sidelines, it will definitely be a fight.

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The other teams in the West besides the aforementioned I’m not worried about. I think the Rockets match up with those teams really well and would either sweep them or beat them in five games. The Rockets are pretty much a lock to win the No. 1 seed since Golden State has been in trouble with injuries. From now on, all we can do is watch where the dominoes fall and see where everyone seeds at.