Houston Astros: Top 10 Wealthiest Contracts in Franchise History

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Jose Altuve /
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The Houston Astros have officially handed Jose Altuve the wealthiest contract in team history. What other contracts rank inside of the top ten for the Astros?

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The Houston Astros have a relatively long history. The franchise began in 1962 as the Colt .45. In spite of this, the club does not have a storied history of long, exuberant contracts. Some have worked out in the Astros’ favor, while others have not.

In order to take an accurate look at the contracts throughout Houston Astros history, an inflation calculator was used to adjust all of the money to be current in relation to today’s money.

This list is formed to the best research possible. This list also does not include arbitration or deals to avoid arbitration. Additionally, no deals acquired by the Astros are included (i.e.; Justin Verlander or Brian McCann). So only original deals handed out by the Astros will be included. Lastly, if you know of a deal worth more than any of these, let me know!

Some names on this list may be familiar to the majority of you, while others may not be. Click through this slideshow to see these contracts and how each player performed during their time with the club!

WASHINGTON – MAY 25: Preston Wilson
WASHINGTON – MAY 25: Preston Wilson /

10. Preston Wilson, OF

Preston Wilson made his way to Houston in 2006. Wilson signed a deal worth up to $24 million over four years. This $6 million a year deal amounts to $7.5 a year in today’s money.

Wilson had made his way around the league by the time he landed with the Astros. He was known for his plus glove in center field and above average power. In Houston, Wilson shifted to left field because incumbent center fielder, Willy Taveras, was the rookie of the year runner-up.

However, Wilson only made it 102 games into this contract before the team elected to designate him for assignment. He then was picked up by the Cardinals for the remainder of his career.

Wilson slashed .269/.309/.405 with 9 home runs and 55 R.B.I.s over the course of his 102 games in Houston. These numbers, by themselves, aren’t too terrible. However, coupled with the fact that the team cut him loose halfway through his first season doesn’t look too good. Wilson’s tenure with the club is forgettable at best.

CHICAGO – SEPTEMBER 2: Starting pitcher Woody Williams
CHICAGO – SEPTEMBER 2: Starting pitcher Woody Williams /

9. Woody Williams, RHP

Woody Williams, like Wilson, came to Houston after a long, storied career. Williams is a Houston native after growing up in a Houston suburb and attending the University of Houston.

Williams signed a two year deal worth $12.5 million. This $6.5 salary amounts to an $8.1 million pay out in today’s money.

Williams had one of the worst years of his career in 2007 with a 5.27 ERA and a 1.431 WHIP. He also gave up a career high in home runs with 35.

Despite finally coming home, Williams year with the Astros is forgettable.