Houston Texans Rumors: Team could be targeting Richard Sherman

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 17: Richard Sherman
SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 17: Richard Sherman /

The Houston Texans will be embark on the NFL’s legal tampering period for free agents in just four days and there’s already rumors of the team looking to target a veteran corner back that has a lot of juice left.  Despite his stance on social issues, is the team considering signing Richard Sherman?  Let’s take a look.

The Houston Texans will undoubtedly be quite active during the free agency period this season.  This is a stark contrast to the past few seasons, where the team did not have as favorable of a cap situation so they had to piece together a team with “has-been” veterans and unproven undrafted free agents.

That has obviously changed with Brian Gaine commanding the strategy of how to build this team into a contender.  He was not shy to admonish that he wants players in here to make an impact immediately so it’s quite apparent that free agency is where he wants to shine the most this season.

Of course, there will be some finds in the draft but with the Houston Texans having approximately $65.7 million to spend going into the 2018 off season, it opens a wide-range of possibilities of the direction the team is headed.  We can only hope the Gaine, armed with so many weapons to fight this year can use his tools wisely to build the proper pieces around Deshaun Watson.

But the Houston Texans actually are considering outspoken veteran corner Richard Sherman to which I certainly think it’s a hell of notion to know he could help shore up the secondary.  He was officially released from the Seattle Seahawks’ roster yesterday.

Sherman was quite active/vocal in the social protests that occurred last season around the league during national anthems, bringing to light the plight of the racial injustice of many Americans.  It’s not only good to hear this news but quite refreshing that the team is looking at the player’s abilities, not his political stance in determining if they’re a good fit for the team.

Sherman’s an extremely intelligent guy — who too is a Communication major — and expresses his viewpoints in such a eloquent manner.  This is why I respect him wholeheartedly.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson had the latest on the situation where he could be headed next:

That’s a long list of teams that are interested and rightfully so!  Ultimately, what’s going to bring the Houston Texans to the top of that list is offering a handsome pay package but the allure of playing alongside Watson could be appealing enough.

Sherman has been extremely complimentary of his play since he took the league by storm for seven games in his rookie year.  It, of course, was cut short by an ACL injury but he’s storming back

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eagerly anticipating the start of training camp.

Sherman has been suffering from a variety of Achilles’ injuries certainly indicating that his mobility could be affected moving forward through the rest of his career.

There is substantiated risk in signing him — if he chooses Houston — and I certainly would like to take a long look at other corners available before locking in Sherman.  Malcolm Butler is my top target as he’s a hungry corner, looking for something to prove after being benched in the Super Bowl.  We need that kind of fire on our beloved home team.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, despite Sherman’s known injury, the Seattle Seahawks were able to cut him under Article 45 of the CBA. This absolves the franchise from having to pay him most of his 2018 contracted salary.  He would’ve made $11 million this season but it seems as if he’ll still make up to $1.15 million this season.

The nine-year defensive back was on the last year of a four-year, $56 million contract extension — with $40 million guaranteed — that he signed back 2014.  Could the team look at paying him that amount per season?  I’d have to strongly mull my options before pulling the trigger on such a move as we do need a dynamic offensive lineman as well.

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We’ll have to see.

Sherman, 29, amassed 25 tackles, two interceptions and one fumble recovery through nine games in 2017.

Go Texans.