Houston Sports: 27 quick thoughts on what needs to change

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 03: Clint Capela #15 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 03: Clint Capela #15 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Sometimes, as a fan of Houston sports teams, there is the passion and the excitement of success in winning.  There’s also the devastation in losing. But what the common fan does not see is how society is affecting the athletes from a personal level.  I’ve got 27 quick thoughts for your mind about this so let’s take a further dive.

Houston sports fans — I have to admit this. I’m afraid to write this down. I don’t know why I’m afraid as a fan to speak my mind here. Perhaps it’s because what I’ve been thinking is something I should keep to myself. Or perhaps what I’ve been thinking is something I need to say because people are expressing opinions.

It’s been tough having things being read or said by everyone outside Houston about what’s been going on. Sometimes you want to just rip into everyone that thinks Houston is a terrible city or that our sports teams are just pathetic. Sometimes you want to openly criticize yourself because as a fan, you need to improve on dealing with negative attention on your teams.

But ultimately, sometimes you need to take a big risk and express your thoughts and feelings about everything that is happening in this society. Mostly with what Houston fans are probably feeling at this stage. Maybe they don’t say it openly. Maybe they prefer to keep quiet. Or maybe they’re willing to say what’s on their mind even if opinions are not widely met.

What’s the deal here?

I sometimes think we need to address Houston’s situation right now with regard to everything that’s happening. I’ve narrowed it down to 27 topics.

Why 27 you ask?

Well, I’m separating each topic to three groups of nine for one thing. Also, I’m turning 27 in March, so I better get used to it. I won’t talk about each topic for long because we don’t have time. So I’ll just summarize my thoughts on each topic. I’ll do my best to make sure I get my points across while understanding that there are going to be disagreements. So please bear with me and hold your opinions until you finish with this.

I’m getting nervous already for this. But here goes nothing.