Houston Texans: Why Bob McNair’s alleged hiring practices are plausible

HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 03: Houston Texans owner Bob McNair introduces Bill O'Brien as the new head coach of the Houston Texans at a press conference at Reliant Stadium on January 3, 2014 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 03: Houston Texans owner Bob McNair introduces Bill O'Brien as the new head coach of the Houston Texans at a press conference at Reliant Stadium on January 3, 2014 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans are dominating the headlines once again but this time it’s for yet another allegation in regard to the way they select their players. Their peculiar racial overtones has come into scrutiny once again.  The latest report indicates as such and let’s take a look to examine further.

The Houston Texans try their hardest not be at the center of controversial news but I believe with the way things are handled in the organization — particularly with its ownership — affords the opportunity for these allegations to occur.  The problem is not with the organization itself but with its owner that seems to be out of touch of today’s concerns about racial equality.

This country is melting pot of culture and its roster should be made of such.  The fans that continue to pour in billions of dollars to elevate the financial success of the franchise reflect that as well.  Have you been to Houston Texans home game?  It’s a panacea of what America should like, upholding the epitome of diversity.  No matter what race, color or creed, we all band together on Sundays, wherever that may be, to support our team through the good or the bad.

But the latest report in regard to the Houston Texans hiring practices of its players DOES have some plausibility.  Jerome Solomon, a long-time, damn good columnist with the Houston Chronicle, has indicated in his piece that the team specifically does not want to bring in players that have protested for the national anthem by taking a knee.

He said that he spoke with two agents to affirm this notion and although it’s not something that’s a direct order from leadership, it’s a symbolism that has been understood within the front-office organizational tree.  That falls under the wing of new general manager Brian Gaine to which I hope he’s selecting players based off their ability to perform and to help this team win football games.  It shouldn’t be based off a person’s ability to exercise their First Amendment right.

I’ve read Solomon’s columns since I was a kid and I know he wouldn’t move forward with this story unless he had conceivable evidence to do so.  I applaud it because it’s a journalist’s oath to seek the truth and to report it as fully as possible, especially toward the lunacy that we’re actually talking about this in the year 2018.

Amy Palcic, the Houston Texans Senior Director of Communications, issued a response denying the allegations:

I’m skeptical in regard to the validity of this statement and that it’s not another “about face” that they’ve been having to do countless times as of late. It’s saddening, disheartening and it makes me look at the Houston Texans ownership quite differently than I did in the past.

I used to have high regard for McNair as a successful businessman who brought pro football back to Houston for good after a five-year hiatus without a team.  Now his legacy will be tarnished —

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as it should be — for such socially regressive views that are pulling our sovereign nation in the same direction, just like the current president of the United States.

He even won a lifetime achievement award with the Texas Sports Hall of Fame recently.  But you know what?  I wasn’t motivated whatsoever to write about it because all I could think of in the back of my mind was the “inmates running the prison” comment at the owner’s meetings back during the 2017 season.

I’m sure there are many good, honest and decent people that work for the Houston Texans.  Some are likely beside themselves in regard to their boss continuously being at the forefront of the headlines for the wrong reasons.

I personally have a feeling of distrust because no matter how educated or successful that I am, I’ll continued to be viewed as a lower-class citizen in his eyes, despite myself spending my hard-earned money on tickets that go into his pockets with each upcoming season.  Why?  Because of the color of my skin.

Although I have no evidence to connote the preceding assertions, I know in my heart that there’s credibility to them.  I would love to see the Houston Texans do a full-on media blitz to combat this matter but I’m afraid that it will be business as usual, with just a whole bunch of reacting and denying.

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But that’s my case and I rest it, for now.