Houston Sports: Three absolute worst officiating calls in history

CIRCA 1987: Mike Scott
CIRCA 1987: Mike Scott /
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DALLAS, TX – JANUARY 24: James Harden
DALLAS, TX – JANUARY 24: James Harden /

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What if the Oilers never blew a 35-3 lead?

We go to the Super Bowl and beat the Cowboys.

What if Jim Edmonds had not caught the ball in Game 7?

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Jim Edmonds Catch

We go to the World Series and beat the Red Sox.

What if Matt Schaub had not gotten hurt in 2011?


What if Carlos Correa had not made the error?

Carlos Correa Error

Bring on the Blue Jays and then the Mets. Plus, we go see the president after we win.

What If John Stockton Doesn’t Hit The Buzzer-Beater?

John Stockton Shot


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What if this author hit a Walk-off Home Run in Little League?

Pizza plus appearance on talk shows equals Britney Spears music video baby.

What if this author is nuts?

You know something? You actually might be right. There are so many what ifs in this world that if we continue to ponder, they might lead to insanity. We can’t dwell upon the past. All we can do now is get ready for the future because no matter if we have good or bad days, the sun will come out tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.