Houston Sports: Three absolute worst officiating calls in history

CIRCA 1987: Mike Scott
CIRCA 1987: Mike Scott /
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Houston Sports: CIRCA 1987: Mike Scott
Houston Sports: CIRCA 1987: Mike Scott /

What if Houston Sports fans? A question that has been asked since the beginning of time. It’s a question that everyone wants to know about life in general. There are times like these where what if has to be addressed, even when we look back at the three worst officiating calls in H-Town history.  Let’s examine further.

Houston Sports fans — so there was some big “what if” news as far as the NFL was concerned. A committee had looked into the investigation of one of the greatest catches of all time that was never ruled a catch.  

Didn’t see the link? Well here are three words.


No, I’m not protesting for a Dallas Cowboys player. All I’m saying is that the committee had unanimously ruled that Dez Bryant, in fact, caught the ball that would’ve given the Cowboys a lead over the Packers in the 2014 NFC Divisional Playoff Game. Does it change the outcome of the game? No! But Cowboys’ fans are screaming bloody murder as they believe that catch would’ve led them a victory en route to the Super Bowl.

Let me offer you three scenarios of what would’ve happened had Dez “caught” the ball.


  1. Aaron Rodgers leads Green Bay back to a victory.
  2. Dallas beats Green Bay, but gets stomped on in the NFC Title Game by way of a collapse.
  3. Dallas goes to the Super Bowl after beating Green Bay and Seattle. However, Tony Romo throws an interception that costs the Cowboys in a loss to the New England Patriots.

Nowhere do I have the Cowboys raising the Lombardi Trophy. Don’t like it? DEAL WITH IT!

Back to the point

But all this talk has gotten me thinking about some moments that deserve the what if talk. Houston Sports has had its fair share of a few. I’m not talking about the Rockets meeting the Bulls in the finals because we know how that will end up.

What I mean is that there have been a few times we’ve been robbed of a glorious moment by a questionable call. Whether that was made by the referees, coaches, or players, it has gotten us wondering what could’ve been. So in looking into the article, I’ve decided to recap a few what if calls and give my intake on what would’ve happened had the moment not occurred.

Here we go!