Houston Texans Rumors: Bill O’Brien likely to remain as head coach

Houston Texans HC Bill O'Brien (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
Houston Texans HC Bill O'Brien (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans have their season finale up in Indianapolis against the Colts today and the biggest news that’s swirling around is who in the heck will be coaching this team in 2018.  According to one report, Bill O’Brien is likely to be retained.  What?

Houston Texans fans — with all of the rumors and speculation in regard to Bill O’Brien‘s future as the head coach of this team, there is one report from a trusted source that indicates that the team is still going roll with him moving forward.

The information that all of us have been getting is that the relationship between he and general manager Rick Smith is “toxic” and in some regards irreparable.  This led to me to believe that a coaching change would’ve been imminent as these two possibly couldn’t work together.

I had so much as written a proposal piece indicating that the team should trade O’Brien rather than fire him as he still has tremendous value across the league.  Literally, if the team fires him, he’d have a job offer waiting for him before he cleans out his desk.

But the latest information from ESPN’s Adam Schefter is that the Houston Texans do want to continue with O’Brien but there are few things to work out with his contract.

O’Brien signed a five-year deal back in 2014 is now going into the final season of it.  It’s not kosher for a coach to be working on his final year of his deal without an extension.  It gives him “lame duck” status and undue pressure, giving the perception that the team one works for doesn’t have faith in their guy.

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O’Brien may have not been perfect in his 31-32 tenure over his four seasons as head coach but he completely changed the culture of the locker room.  Not only that but he commands the respect of the players by his action of leading by example, not by force.

When we were first introduced O’Brien on the critically-acclaimed series Hard Knocks, I knew he was right man for the job.  He’s produced three consecutive 9-7 winning seasons along with two division championships and a playoff win.  With all that has happened, what more can one ask for?

That is why O’Brien must remain as head coach of the Houston Texans because he Deshaun Watson were clicking and these two deserve another shot together.  DW4 has gone out of his way publicly in the past to express his support for O’Brien.

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Following the finale, the Houston Texans will have their end of the year meeting with Smith, O’Brien and Bob McNair, determining and assessing their future with the team.  If we don’t find out anything today, we’ll definitely know after that meeting tomorrow.

Stay tuned and keep your seat belt fastened folks.

Go Texans.