Houston Astros: The potential impact of Scott Boras recruitment efforts

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In Conclusion: The Influence of Scott Boras is Being Felt Already!

With all due respect to him, there is a good reason that Scott Boras has the reputation he does. Getting a “Satan” label does speak some truth, in that players that sign with him are making their own metaphorical “deals with the devil.” Surely, the players benefit from getting the big bucks, but at what cost to this sport and the fans themselves?

That’s not to say that it will be all about the money for Dallas Keuchel, Marwin Gonzalez, Lance

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McCullers, or Jose Altuve. Alternatively, it also doesn’t mean that a player like Evan Gattis will be a

pushover when it comes to salary negotiations. A nice balance of all things considered is taking place.

If Jeff Luhnow and Jim Crane plan to keep this team competitive for a while, they will need to make good on opening the wallet even further. If players do get too expensive, as will likely be the case for those under the Scott Boras umbrella, we may not see said players in an Houston Astros uniform for very much longer.

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Fans will need to brace themselves for that, one way or another. There is a strong likelihood that the players we want around perpetually may only be here for one more year. To that end, some players that we didn’t expect to be with us this long may be the ones the organization leans on. This includes veterans like Evan Gattis, Brian McCann and Josh Reddick.

It’s going to be nerve wrecking to watch this all play out.

Regardless, GO HOUSTON ASTROS!!!!