Houston Astros: The potential impact of Scott Boras recruitment efforts

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3. Evan Gattis

Brace yourselves, Houston Astros fans. Just like in my fan blog, The White Bear Chronicles, you are about to hear me mention El Oso Blanco again. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any by now, but you need to stay with me on this and hear me out.

Evan Gattis is the most likely scheduled free agent of next winter to be retained by the team. As previously stated, he is still with The Legacy Agency, and has not sold out to the likes of Scott Boras or any other big name.

There are many big reasons for this that a lot of fans out there just don’t seem to grasp. While the bear will get what he deserves salary wise, it isn’t about the money to Evan Gattis. He’s only projected to get a raise up to about $7 million next year in his last one in arbitration before scheduled free agency.

Could he still change his mind? Certainly. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Stranger things have happened, and will happen, in this sport. But let’s consider a couple of things that have happened for and with Evan Gattis this off season.

The Bear Neccessities

Besides for earning a second ring to go with his wedding ring and an anniversary this January, the bull-bear has been spotted taking regular group workout regiments with Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa. He also aided those two and skipper A.J. Hinch in dispersing mattresses from famed “Mattress Mack” for him to make good on a World Series bet.

All of this while attending the wedding of Tony Sipp and meeting and dining new teammate, Joe Smith in the process. Signs such as these point to the bear wanting to stay and make a name for himself right here in Houston along with the core four.

If that wasn’t enough, take a look at further evidence from a magazine article from 2016. In it is a very interesting and evident quote from him of wanting to stick around….

Houston Astros fans, with the solid above average numbers he puts up and what he gives back to H-Town, you all are going to have to accept Evan Gattis being around here for a while. He was the forgotten man of 2017, but that won’t be the case in 2018. Gattis is already in line to be the primary DH, filling the shoes left behind by Carlos Beltran.

Additionally, he hasn’t made that pact with Scott Boras, and likely won’t any time soon. Evan Gattis is getting extended before the upcoming season or by the end of next winter. Bank on this bold prediction, Houston Astros fans!

I rest my case on this matter!