Houston Astros: The potential impact of Scott Boras recruitment efforts

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2. Marwin Gonzalez

You can place him pretty much anywhere in the field. He knows how to hit for BOTH contact and power. The only two places he has not seen has been apart of the battery. That’s the pitching and catching combination, for those that may not know.

So it stands to reason that Marwin Gonzalez is the perfect guy to have around on any roster. This is due to Gonzalez putting up numbers that can rival some of today’s biggest superstars. Adding utility players to each roster for both the NL and AL is a topic of continued debate for future All Star Games.

In light of this, Gonzalez is another player client to recently sign with Scott Boras. Now his contracts beyond next season will also become more difficult for the organization. Jim Crane and Jeff Luhnow have been willing to increase the payroll, but by how much?

In doing so, would they want to roll the dice and sign an extension to Gonzalez? OR would they want to take a chance on another super utility guy like Colan Moran, or the more likely Tyler White, to take over that role for Marwin to seek some more green himself?

Essentially, Gonzalez can be an everyday starter at any position that is not on the mound or behind the plate. Tyler White already beats him on all of those fronts and has been waiting patiently in the minors with Moran. Could that be desirable for a trade to another team to restock the farm system?

Teams may not want to pay for a one year rental in Gonzalez, but they would salivate to have a player like him. Let’s see where this one heads!