Houston Astros: The potential impact of Scott Boras recruitment efforts

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With next winter’s free agent class consisting of three key Houston Astros players, what will their fate be with Scott Boras signing two of them?

Houston Astros fans — of all the agents in Major League Baseball, Scott Boras has the worst reputation among them. Not because of his attitude, necessarily. Rather, he has a habit of demanding big contracts for his players. Essentially, he turns them into cash cows.

While that’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world, it brings into question what becomes of players that sign with him. Some have even gone so far as to giving him a “Satan” label in some circles. A bit harsh perhaps, but let’s delve a little deeper into this.

Among the list of names, Scott Boras is agent to names like Bryce Harper, Jake Arrieta and Eric Hosmer. The latter of the two names are currently sitting in free agency. Harper is hitting the market next winter.

Also hitting the market next winter are three big names for the Houston Astros. They include Dallas Keuchel, Marwin Gonzalez and Evan Gattis. The former of the two have just recently signed with Scott Boras as well. Unfortunately, Keuchel and Gonzalez aren’t the only names under the Scott Boras brand. Lance McCullers and Jose Altuve are all under the same client umbrella.

McCullers and Altuve are here to stay in Houston through at least the 2019 season. However, Keuchel and Gonzalez hit the market next winter. Gattis does as well, but thankfully, he is still with The Legacy Agency.

So with Scott Boras sticking his hand in the H-Town cookie jar, what are we to make of the future of this team? Well, in order for us to do that, we need to examine each 2018 potential free agent closely.