Houston Texans vs 49ers: Breaking down their overall performance

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 10: Tom Savage /

Simone Biles and Hakeem Ojajuwon were the only highlights of the Houston Texans game because they got smacked in the mouth at home by the San Francisco 49ers 26-16. The scoreboard doesn’t do justice, so here’s how I think our team performed.

If you as a Houston Texans fan said at the beginning of the season that we would lose at home to the Colts and 49ers I would have laughed in your face.


Going into this game you would have thought this was the game where everything would go in our favor. Didn’t happen. Once again, you had players down on the field with injuries every five minutes including Tom Savage‘s brutal hit which knocked him out literally. The scary one was when Jadeveon Clowney was down, NRG sounded eerily silent during that point in the telecast.

Let’s hop right into this depressing outcome…


My goodness this offensive line is garbage. On a 4th down attempt Nick Martin let former Texan Earl Mitchell right through and blow up the run. I know Nick is apart of the future but that right there is inexcusable. Do I even have to get into Breno Giacomini and Kendall Lamm? Those guys will be unemployed by this time next year.

This off season, WE HAVE TO build up this O-Line. I’m sorry, I don’t want Watson behind this bunch. Xavier Su’a-Filo will be back no matter what, we have no other choice. He definitely needs to improve a ton, one of the biggest busts in Houston Texans history.

Hopkins you are a magician but please quit holding onto the ball with one hand while running! I texted a friend that doing that would come back to bite him in the butt, and it did! Other than that, he was a monster again today.  He is one of the few players now performing as if we are still in the playoff hunt. The fact that he is able to do the things he does with a piss poor offense — without Watson — is tremendous.

I thought that this was a game where Stephen Anderson would continue to make big plays, instead he dropped the ball all day long and commit boneheaded penalties. With C.J. Fiedorowicz most likely retiring, the Houston Texans need to address the tight end position in the off season.

T.J. Yates came in and put up two touchdowns on the 49ers after Savage was rocked by Elvis Dumervil. That was bad, I think at one point the guy had blood coming out of his mouth and when he was one the floor.

Recent reports show that he is fine, but won’t be present in the game this Sunday against the Jaguars. Funny situation, you’ve got Yates’ first start this season in Jacksonville, a place where many years ago he lead the Texans to a 20-13 win after Matt Leinart got injured and from there we all know what happens in the weeks to come.


Like the offensive line, we have to fix the secondary. Kevin Johnson has been below average this season and Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph are aging before our eyes.

Joseph is a unrestricted free agent this off season so these might be his final games as a Texan. Jackson will be here for a little longer so until his contract is up, so he should mentor Treston Decoud and Johnson because those two guys are the future of the Texans’ corner back position.

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The defense as a whole needs to stop letting big plays happen, it’s getting ridiculous. Right before the 2nd half came to an end, a 49er running back broke out a long run and put them into striking distance. You can’t expect to win a football game when you are giving the opponent momentum through a big play.

If I ever happen to bump into Clowney, I will personally tell him I’m sorry for calling him a bust. That man is an ANIMAL. He is applying pressure on every single play and it is a beautiful sight to watch him do work.

Outside of Clowney, this defense is a mess man. But I’m hoping in 2018 it turns back into dominant form once again.

Special Teams:

What the heck happened to Ka’imi Fairbairn? He was very consistent the beginning of the season and now dude is struggling to make a simple field goal. He’s young and I think if the team brings in competition in the off season, he’ll improve.

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Looking Forward:

This could get ugly. The Texans travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars and they have only gotten better since the last time we saw them back week one. Let’s just finish this season so we can officially be in the off season…

Go Texans.