Houston Astros: Sports Illustrated bestows honors on Carlos Beltran

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The awards for members of the world champ Houston Astros keep pouring in and the latest win is for Carlos Beltran, being the first recipient of the publication’s Hope Award.

As Houston Astros fans, we all know Carlos Beltran the player but as this season wore

on we really got to know Carlos Beltran, the person.  What we found out that he is person that has a ubiquitous heart to help his fellow man.

Sports Illustrated has a great piece by Nihal Kolur in regard to the honors bestowed on Beltran for all of the work that he has done.

Just a few months ago, Hurricane Maria caused unprecedented destruction to the island — and U.S. commonwealth — of Puerto Rico and territory is still reeling from those effects.  No power, no communications and poor infrastructure are still realities of many residents as of right now.  Although relief efforts are still underway, there is still a ton work that needs to be done to get the area back up and running like it was.

Beltran hails from Manati, a municipality just outside of San Juan metro area so when this storm hit it impacted his heart in a instrumental way.  We all remember when he was questioned by the media before the start of a game during season just after the storm had passed through what his thoughts were and he could barely conjure up his thoughts without getting choked up.

That’s absolutely genuine and he quickly got to work in raising money for the relief efforts,  Carlos Correa, his fellow teammate that’s also a native, also did the utmost that he could to assist.

He and his wife Jessica started a relief fund at the time that has raised $1.5 million thus far which

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is certainly a remarkable feat.

Beltran is from an area of Puerto Rico where 46.2 percent of the citizens live below the poverty line, with an average annual income of about $18,000.  You can bet your bottom dollar our fellow brethren in P.R. needed help and he stepped up big time.  Baseball was certainly an outlet for him to escape the plight that many were unable to in his homeland.  After a 20-year playing career, he has amassed earnings well over $200 million, giving hope as well as inspiration at those wanting to be professional ballplayers.  Beltran is just exudes motivation period.

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Whatever he decides to do in his retirement stage of his career, you can better believe that Beltran will still have his footprint as Puerto Rico starts its trajectory of roaring back once again.  He was recently interviewed to be the new skipper for the New York Yankees so who knows what his bright future will bring?

Take a bow Carlos and thanks for being who you are.

Go Astros.