Houston Astros Rumors: Evan Gattis could be on the move to elsewhere

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The Houston Astros are busy at work at shaping the roster for 2018 and there will be some tough decisions that will have to be made as they do that.  Catcher and designated hitter Evan Gattis could certainly be one of the guys the team may have to move on from.

The Houston Astros roster was the most complete that its ever been to compete for a championship but the likelihood that the team would repeat the same success as it did fully intact would not be good.

Tweaks have to be made, evaluations have to be completed and I’m positive that the franchise will make the right decision in regard to what’s best for this team.

The non-tender deadline is this Friday at 7 p.m. CST and although I think the Houston Astros would likely not do this, it’s possible that Evan Gattis could be a non-tender candidate.

One of the interesting wrinkles for this off season is the status of Gattis.  He’s due for a bigger payday because this is his last year of arbitration before he becomes a free agent.  Gattis staved off arbitration this past season by agreeing to a deal worth $5.2 million for 2017.

With the rumor mill flying about the Houston Astros having interest in free agent catcher Jonathan Lucroy, who knows what this office has up their sleeve?

Brian McTaggart of MLB.com answered in his usual fan mailbag column that it’s possible that he could be a non-tendered and be traded away from the team.

Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

"“Gattis, who made $5.2 million this season, could be non-tendered as he enters his final year of arbitration, but his time behind the plate with the Astros could be through either way. Lucroy, a free agent, would be a boost defensively behind the plate and provide a nice left-right combination with McCann. Gattis could make up to $7 million next year, which may prompt the Astros to try to trade him.”"

What Brian is alluding to is that MLB Trade Rumors has estimated that his salary out of arbitration would be $6.6 million.  They also have him pegged with a non-tender status as well.

As I mentioned in a previous write-up I did about Lucroy, when you compare Gattis and Lucroy’s numbers for this past season, they’re basically the game guy with Gattis having the slight edge:

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Gattis — .263/.311/.457, .767 OPS and 12 home runs

Lucroy — .265/.345/.371, .716 OPS and six home runs

But will Lucroy’s stellar defense behind the plate be the deal-breaker for the Houston Astros to not tender a contract to Gattis?

We’re about see what happens.  I’d like to have both on this roster but it honestly would not be prudent to offer a similar contract to guys with similar production.  But each does have specific tangibles that makes them worth being on this roster.

But if they do decide to bring both back, Gattis would be the full-time designated hitter and Lucroy would be second catcher, complementing Brian McCann.

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Tomorrow night’s deadline will certainly determine how committed the Houston Astros to Gattis.  I honestly think he likes being here but the possibility of his financial future being even more solidified is certainly something that’s crossed his mind.

Now it’s time to play the waiting game.

Go Astros.