Houston Astros: Why I agree that we’re becoming a baseball city

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 03: Carlos Correa
HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 03: Carlos Correa /

With the Houston Astros on top of the world with their championship and the Houston Texans struggling, I think that our hometown is morphing into one that has more of an affinity for baseball, rather than football.  Here’s why.

Stephen Uzick of Sportsmap 94.1 FM posted an article on their station’s Web site stating that even though Texas is a football-crazy state, that Houston Astros baseball is taking over the local scene.

I agree with Stephen that Houston has become a baseball city for the following reasons:

The Houston Astros carried us through Hurricane Harvey and gave the city of Houston hope. It was something to look forward to distract us from all of the despair and destruction that the storm brought.

Houston Texans star

J.J. Watt

stepped up to help out the city, which should be applauded. But I don’t know if anyone else within the Texans stepped up to the level of Watt besides the franchise donating money for relief efforts.

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  • Plain and simple, the Houston Astros won and won a lot. The Texans are 4-7 on the season and with the recent struggles this team has had, I don’t see this team improving on the win total dramatically enough to win the city over.  But that win total will likely increase over time when they build around Deshaun Watson.
  • Both franchises have had their struggles, but Jeff Luhnow has had a plan in place since he’s been here and it’s paid off so far. I have not seen that same blueprint for success by the Texans management.  Rick Smith is a good general manager but he hasn’t built the franchise from the ground up like Lunhow has.  I know the NFL is a different animal than Major League Baseball but I think the Texans could learn a thing or two about developing talent from the Houston Astros.

    The Houston Astros have been around since 1962, the Texans have been around since 2002. The Houston Astros have had a longer time to develop a diehard fan base. If the Texans start winning, that fan base could grow fast.

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    I’ll admit, I’m much more of baseball fan because I prefer it as opposed to the over-commercialized NFL.  I feel that MLB exudes much more of a family-friendly environment than the NFL.

    So, I think Houston is a baseball city for now but if the Texans start winning soon, that could very well change the landscape of Houston sports once again.