Houston Texans: Three plausible theories behind the team’s ’17 injury bug

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 19: Tom Savage /
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HOUSTON, TX – NOVEMBER 05: Deshaun Watson
HOUSTON, TX – NOVEMBER 05: Deshaun Watson /

Theory #2 – The Deshaun Watson Saga

If there couldn’t have been a worse time for Watson to get hurt, it had to have been a day after Houston celebrated a championship in baseball. So we found ourselves in a pickle after the event took place. On one hand, we’re celebrating a joyous occasion for our baseball team as World Series champions. On the other hand, we are crying over the loss of a future superstar due to an injury.

What now? We find ourselves in a tough break. But here is where these theories come in to play. At this rate, people start to think the season is over and we won’t make it. Watson was our offense and he was going to lead us to bigger things. Now we won’t have that same momentum again.

Yet, there is one theory, which really drives me bonkers. The theory is that we made a deal with the devil. We would trade Deshaun Watson’s knee for a World Series championship.

So basically, for those that still are under the impression we’re cursed, it all makes sense. How do I respond to that claim? I think we should all be asking ourselves one very simple question. Or better yet, let’s do in the form of Match Game.

We are so dumb..

How Dumb Are We?

Let me tell you, we are so dumb that we believe that winning will still bring us losing. That is what some of y’all probably think.

Well, aren’t we all a stooge?

Three Stooges Clip

First of all, none of us asked for anything. We had to earn it. Secondly, we won a championship. Isn’t that what we wanted after 22 years for Houston sports? At least we’re not Cleveland, who waited 52 years for a title or Buffalo or San Diego.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance that Watson was ruled out for the season with the ACL. Yes, we have to deal with Tom Savage. It sucks that we won’t have a first or second round pick in next year’s draft. But we know what we have at quarterback. We know that this team when healthy can compete for it all. Injuries may derail us in the season, but which team has gone through a season injury-free?

So to anybody who thinks we made a deal with the devil, I got one thing to say.

Good luck finding the fork in the road.


An injury to a member of one sports team in Houston shouldn’t take away from the championship of another sports team in Houston even if it’s season-ending.

Two theories down, one more to go.