Houston Astros: Why the team waiving Juan Centeno was inevitable

PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 14: Catcher Juan Centeno
PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 14: Catcher Juan Centeno /

There’s never an off day for the Houston Astros but just a brief moment of relaxation, which was the moment the organization won the World Series.  In what would most consider a minor transaction, the team just waived Juan Centeno.

The Houston Astros are right in the thick of winter — albeit a late start because they were a bit busy — as they work to shape this championship roster for the future.  I’d expect that most of this team will be brought back but I know it’s not feasible to bring every single person back.

The likelihood that the same group of guys would be able to repeat the same level of success again would be like saying that lightning will strike in the same place twice.  It just doesn’t happen.  So it’s prudent that we go out and seek help at the positions that we noticed had the most wear and tear on the season.  It’s no secret that the focal point will be on the bullpen, which was quite taxed after filling in so long for our injured starting pitching.

Everybody except for Mike Fiers had eventually took their turn on the disabled list and that certainly included Dallas Keuchel, Lance McCullers Jr., Charlie Morton and Collin McHugh.  This was, of course, we had the heroics of the great Justin Verlander so we had to lean heavily on Brad Peacock and Chris Devenski to get us through those rough spots.

They performed wonderfully but the price that was paid was mediocre play from that unit going down the stretch.  But ultimately it didn’t matter because those guys came up big when they moment that they had waited for preceded them.

I’m positive that the Houston Astros will shore that up in some way this off season but the move that kind of surprised me a bit was the decision to waive Juan Centeno.  He had been one of favorite call-ups throughout the season and always seemed to be available whenever a big play needed to be made.

Hell, he was on the World Series roster for Pete’s Sake!

Remember the walk-off single that Centeno had against the Toronto Blue Jays’ closer Roberto Osuna back Aug. 6th?  It was a terrific play and clutch at every level, especially for a guy as young as he was, wanting to bask in his moment at the plate.  The Astros won that bout 7-6 and I

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thought for sure he’d be somewhere in this organization for a while.

Per a report from the Chron’s Jake Kaplan, Centeno has been released outright and is now on the waiver-wire.  I’d expect for him to get picked up but if he doesn’t, he’s free to sign with any team and the Houston Astros hope that he’ll be ready to go at Triple-A Fresno next season.

But with a logjam of bodies on this roster, the Houston Astros had to make some tough decisions and Centeno was that casualty.  It’s a great position to be in because obviously it means that one’s work has not gone for naught, especially if the team wins it all.

Centeno, 28, slashed .311/.354/.383 with a .737 OPS in 235 plate appearances with the Grizzlies and just .231/.286/.346 with a .632 OPS in 52 PAs with the Astros this season.  He had 37 ribbies and three home runs between both teams.

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Although Humberto Quintero had a longer stay with the Astros than Centeno, he always reminded me of a catcher of his stature.  Both were solid in what they did and were always around when the big play needed to be made.

Whatever happens, I wish the best of luck to the guy as he’ll land on his feet quickly.

Go Astros.