Houston Astros: An open letter to Carlos Beltran with reflection

HOUSTON, TX - MAY 26: Carlos Beltran
HOUSTON, TX - MAY 26: Carlos Beltran /
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2017: A befitting culmination

You have rejoined the Houston Astros. Older, wiser, and balder, it’s time for you to have one last moment of glory and for one last chance to get the ring. But this time, you’re role is different. Instead of being a contributor on the field like a run producer Carlos Beltran is, you’re a veteran leader for a young core of players along with Brian McCann and Josh Reddick.

What do you know? You have some memorable moments on the team. You hit a clutch home run against the Twins.

You had to “bury” your glove by sticking at DH.

Astros perform funeral services for Beltran’s glove

Then when you had to play left field again, you resurrected your glove.

Postpone the funeral:  Beltran’s shows his glove isn’t dead yet!

Carlos Beltran even expressed the tender heart after Puerto Rico was hit with Hurricane Maria.

You don’t have your best season, but you could care less as your Astros have won 101 games and the AL West Division.

Then in the postseason, you gave baseball fans one final moment of glory against Boston.

Beltran’s RBI Double in Game 4 of the 2017 ALDS

In the ALCS, you called a team meeting prior to Game Seven because you sensed the team was tight and nervous. It worked and they won and went to the World Series.

You could’ve done the same thing in Game Seven of the World Series. But you didn’t because you did your job and the team was relaxed and ready to win.

27 Outs Later…


The Astros final out in the 2017 World Series

Fox Sports Interview

Seeing you tear up after the final out was recorded was something that we’ll never forget.

Final Thoughts

Looking back at everything that took place, there was a reason why the Astros and you had to break up. That reason, much like the romance between Cory and Topanga was so that we could get back together again.

It took 13 years, which is long, but it was all worth it. I think we both needed to deal with adversity and moments of crisis. Call it faith in God or fate and destiny, but everything works out for a reason. Maybe you and we weren’t ready to experience the moment together in 2005 because we probably weren’t mature enough.

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It was immature of us to boo you like you never cared about Houston because you made a decision that was best for you. In hindsight, it was immature of you to play for a team whose ownership didn’t do you in right and failed to give you an offer that would keep you in Houston for another year or two.

Time heals all wounds and I think it’s time we put the past behind and bury the hatchet. We apologize for the boos and for cheering when we saw you fail. We’re sorry we made you feel like enemy number one when you wanted to be an Astro after 2004.

We’re not going to ask you to forgive us nor will we want you to ask us for forgiveness. The truth is simply this…

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Congratulations on an outstanding 20-year career and thank you for helping us get a championship we all so desperately needed.

We love you and we’ll see you in Cooperstown, even if you go in as a Royal or a Met.

From your friends, the Houston Astros fans.