Houston Astros: An open letter to Carlos Beltran with reflection

HOUSTON, TX - MAY 26: Carlos Beltran
HOUSTON, TX - MAY 26: Carlos Beltran /
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2006-10: The Prime Years

As time went on, you appeared to hit your prime, which offended Houston fans. You won silver sluggers and gold gloves with the Mets. You guided them to the 2006 NLCS. All you had to do was beat those darn Cardinals. What happens?

It’s bittersweet. Some of us wanted to see you fail while others wanted you to be the hero. Either way, you let a lot of people down.

The story remained the same. Every time you would go to Minute Maid as a Met, the boos got louder and louder. However, there was a shining moment for you at one particular game.

Beltran’s Game-Saving Grab off Tal’s Hill

You probably didn’t hear it, but there were some Astros fans clapping. It wasn’t a loud cheer, but it was respectful.


You continue to play for the Mets. But you don’t get any success because the Mets are the Mets. Eventually, you get traded to the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants in 2011.

Beltran records his 300th career homer

The Giants should get you to the promised land of a World Series. Well, as we all know, they were going to follow a script of World Series in an even year, fail to make playoffs next year, repeat. Unfortunately, 2011 is not an even year.

The Giants failed to get to the postseason. Why not sign with the Cardinals, who you used to bash around with? Sure, you reach the NLCS in 2012. But you had to play the victim of a team that blew a 3-1 lead.

Fast forward a year later, you finally reach the World Series.

You’re going to have a chance to get the ring after 16 seasons. You even make a big play in Game One despite getting injured.

Beltran robs Ortiz of a potential game-changer

Of course, you find yourselves on the losing end in 2013 because most people wanted the Boston Red Sox to win after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Ok! So the Cardinals couldn’t deliver. Let’s go to the mecca of baseball and join the New York Yankees.

Yankees walk off Beltran’s three-run shot

Two and a half seasons later, the Yankees don’t live up to their past. Time is running out Carlos Beltran. You must go to a contender to get a championship. The good news is you’re going back to Texas. The bad news is, you’re joining the Texas Rangers, who possess the best record in the American League.

Beltran’s first homer with the Texas Rangers

Life is good for Carlos Beltran. You on a team that should be in the World Series. Oh, and you become part of the short-lived Texas Ranger-Toronto Blue Jay rivalry in the ALDS.

2016 ALDS Game 3

When I said short-lived, I was thinking the rivalry is dead. But nope, the Rangers can’t get you a postseason win.

You’re coming on to year twenty and most players don’t play beyond that point. It appears the Rangers are not going to be competitive after making a few deals in the offseason. Then out of the blue, you hear about a certain team making acquisitions that seem to put themselves as the favorite to win the AL West. Little did Carlos Beltran know that you would get a phone call from that team.