Houston Astros: An open letter to Carlos Beltran with reflection

HOUSTON, TX - MAY 26: Carlos Beltran
HOUSTON, TX - MAY 26: Carlos Beltran /
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The Trade

So in June of 2004, you find out you got traded to the Houston Astros. As sad as you probably were to leave Kansas City, it was a match made in heaven for you and the Houston Astros. You had Biggio in left and Lance Berkman in right while you would play center field.

We still remember the rob home run of Michael Young. It was when everyone thought the ball was gone by your reaction only to see that you caught it. We’ll never forget the moment you appeared as an all-star for the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. There’s no denying the postseason where you hit eight home runs.

You carried us to our first postseason victory over the Braves and took us to Game Seven against the St. Louis Cardinals. It was unfortunate that we lost, but we knew the future was bright. We knew that with you in your first full season as an Astro in 2005, you would lead us to the first World Series championship.


Baseball is a business. We understand that now. But make no mistake, when you refused our offer and joined the Mets, you were hated.

We hated Carlos Beltran because we believed you wanted to play in a bigger market. No one liked Beltran anymore because you had broke your promise of getting us to a championship the next year. Perhaps our ownership failed big time in trying to resign you. But you made the decision.

It was not as severe as LeBron James going to Miami or Brett Favre going to Minnesota. Yet, there were going to be boos.

We booed Carlos Beltran every time you stepped to the plate. You weren’t going to hear cheers for the time being. Did we like doing it? I’ll probably say no. But Beltran did break our hearts.

Of course, we got a new center fielder named Wily Taveras. Although a rookie, he presumptuously took over for the 2005 National League champion Houston Astros. That’s right Beltran. We went to the World Series without you.

You might have regretted your decision. You probably didn’t regret your decision. We came up short. But perhaps with you, the Chicago White Sox are not the 2005 World Series champions.