Houston Astros: The Top 10 heroes of the team’s successful postseason run

Former Houston Astros pitcher Charlie Morton (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Former Houston Astros pitcher Charlie Morton (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /
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HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 29: George Springer
HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 29: George Springer /

#2 George Springer

When you feel down and someone tells you they believe in you, that’s when the lightbulb comes on and confidence returns.

The ultimate tale of redemption. George Springer started off on the wrong side with a bad Game One before he just took off. Five home runs including the game-winner in Game Two and the knockout punch in Game 7. But the one that defies his Houston Strong happened in one inning of Game Five.

Springer has a lot of enthusiasm and aggression. Unfortunately, both went against him in the seventh inning when he dove for a line drive, which he shouldn’t have. This led to a triple by the

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Dodgers and the go-ahead score. Even from where you were sitting, you could see goat horns slowly coming out of Springer’s head.

But then on one pitch in the bottom of the seventh.

World Series Game 5

Those goats horns that were up disappeared and they turn in GOAT HORNS. I think Springer is proudest of Game Five’s homer because it tied the game up and it erased the memory of a bad play he made before. But it also led to him being named World Series MVP.

Honorable Mentions

Before we look at number one, here are a few Houston Strong moments that just missed the list.

  • Francisco Liriano – Recorded key outs during Game Six and Game Seven on the World Series.
  • Brian McCann – Scored a run on a Lance McCullers groundout in Game Seven of the World Series.
  • Lance McCullers – 24 straight curveballs against the Yankees in Game Seven of the ALCS.
  • Cameron Maybin – Stole a base in Game Two of the World Series to get free Taco Bell.
  • Joe Musgrove – Won Game Five of the World Series in relief.
  • Brad Peacock – 3.2 relief innings in Game Three of the World Series.

And now, number one.

#1 Marwin Gonzalez

Nothing is impossible.

They said the Dodgers bullpen was invincible. Experts believed Kenley Jensen was the best closer in the game and he was unbeatable. No one could beat him.

Or could they?

Enter Marwin Gonzalez. Down 3-2 in the ninth, Gonzalez stunned the Dodger faithful ready to celebrate a 2-0 lead in a four-game sweep, changed the World Series, and saved the season for the Astros all with one swing.

World Series Game Two

We can debate on which home run is the best in franchise history. But if we had to choose from a hat, this is it.

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What is Houston Strong?

  • Overcoming personal struggles
  • Bringing hope to a city
  • Delivering in the moment in spite of bad circumstances.
  • Facing the same obstacle multiple times and succeeding.
  • Taking risks.
  • Proving naysayers wrong.
  • Be able to forgive.
  • Come out of the shell.
  • Redeeming oneself.
  • Overcoming the impossible.

Opinions may vary on the list, but these moments will forever be etched in stone in the city of Houston.