Houston Astros: The Top 10 heroes of the team’s successful postseason run

Former Houston Astros pitcher Charlie Morton (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Former Houston Astros pitcher Charlie Morton (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /
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HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 29: Yuli Gurriel
HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 29: Yuli Gurriel /

#4 Yuli Gurriel

Sometimes, we make a mistake that can hurt us and those we love and respect. But it’s how we answer or respond to hate that defines who we are.

I’ll just say what Yuli Gurriel did was not right during the series. I don’t condone his actions (whether he meant to offend or not). We might not agree with it, but we still love him because he’s a guy we love to watch.

But in a sense, Gurriel had to redeem himself for his unfortunate moment in Game Three. All of us fans probably forgave him even when we learned he would be suspended for the first five games of 2018. But we definitely showed it when in the fourth inning of Game Five, he put a damper on Kershaw’s legacy with a home run to tie the game.

World Series Game 5

While Dodger fans might say he should’ve been suspended so that they would’ve won (B.S if you ask me), it was what happened in Game 7 in Dodger Stadium that was a Houston Strong moment too. Despite the boos from the crowd, Gurriel tipped his helmet to Yu Darvish out of respect and the ordeal seems to have ended.

Though Gurriel will miss the first five games of next season, we can only hope he’s learned his lesson by then and have him be the Yuli Gurriel we love before.

HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 29: Jose Altuve
HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 29: Jose Altuve /

#3 Jose Altuve

When you feel that you can’t take the heat of being told you can’t do it, there is always a moment in time when whatever you might be feeling will be released and all will rejoice as you are free from the stress.

Our favorite MVP guy Jose Altuve makes the list because of what he did in the classic Game Five of the World Series. Down 7-4 with two on and two outs against Maeda, Altuve could feel the Houston Strong magic dying out. He probably thought the feeling of Harvey was coming back and the Dodgers would win.

No, he says and Houston, we have liftoff.

World Series Game 5

There’s really nothing much you can say about this guy other than MVP. Even when he was with us during the bad seasons, we always felt like he would be our guy in the good years. So far, he hasn’t disappointed us.