Houston Astros: Top 10 Moments of the 2017 Postseason

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 30: Alex Bregman
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 30: Alex Bregman /
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HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 30: Alex Bregman
HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 30: Alex Bregman /

Top 10: From No. 3 all the way to No. 1

Sanchez Drops the Ball

Everyone loves a good walk-off. Home runs are great too. Jeff Kent has one of the most iconic moments in Houston history, a no-doubt blast to win Game 5 of the NLCS back in 2004. But the walk-off double is more suspenseful.

Just think about the emotional ride on Correa’s walk-off double. You went from excited Correa got a hit to upset that Altuve was dead-to-rights to wow they just won! Altuve’s expression of sheer joy also has a hint of “wow, I can’t believe that worked.” Give Gary Pettis some credit. You have to make the

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opposition make a play, and that’s what he did, and obviously it paid off.

  1. World Series winners, World Series Game 7
    I know, I know. How is this not number one? Of course it was exciting seeing the Houston Astros win their first ever title. Yet it takes the second spot in the countdown because, even for a cynic like me who always expects the worst, Game 7 was never in the balance. The Houston Astros had control from the beginning, and Morton was dealing. If the Dodgers had more traffic on the bases, perhaps this moment takes the top spot, but since Houston had a “comfortable” four-run cushion, Seager’s groundout stays at number two. However, I have to admit all of the slo-mo reaction shots of each player on the last out, as well as the shot of 17 thousand fans at Minute Maid watching on the big screen were pretty cool.

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  1. Bregman walks it off, World Series Game 5
    The perfect ending to a crazy game. What more needs to be said? We will be telling our grandchildren about Alex Bregman’s walk-off single to win an epic Game 5, I don’t think that’s an exaggeration.

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